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Miracle Group

Semi-Final version of "The Miracle Team" - includes Gangnam Style but no other videos

Eduardo Shimahara

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Miracle Group

Emanuel Alfred Tanzania Research assistant at Stockholm Environment Institute Allan Alooh Kenya Research assistant at Icipe Paul Currie South Africa Front Office Agent at Sunflower Stop Mari Botha South Africa Student Sam Chevallier South Africa Student Frances Aron
South Africa
Lecturer Bradley Bergh
South Africa
Accountant Nomandla Bongoza
South Africa
Manager Chris Carter
South Africa
Student Tom Chevallier
South Africa
Student Reginald Chippe
Client Office Manager - ESKOM
South Africa Megan Davies
South Africa
Tutor at Graz Schmid Penguin Tutors Mark Day
South Africa
Environmental Consultant Songo Didiza South Africa
Sustainability Consultant at Black Lite Consulting Jay Du Plessis
South Africa
Personal Trainer Shaun Dunn
South Africa
Teacher Etai Even-Zahav
South Africa
Caretaker Michael Fichardt
South Africa
Managing Director at Glo Energy Insoo Baek South Korea Administrator at Daewoo E&C History of a petroleum company in Nigeria INSOO's Mutsa Mutsawira Zimbabwe Forest Resources and Wildlife Management Mutsa's history about
Chinese mining in rhino IPZ of Zimbabwe National Parks THE SOCIAL GAME OASIS ...from a COMPLEXITY THEORY approach CREATED BY A BRAZILIAN NGO - INSTITUTO ELOS

Starts when a community invites a Oasis Volunteer to bring the methodology/game
But it can be the opposite as in the situation of Santa Catarina 2008 huge flood THE 7 DISCIPLINES : OLHAR - "The Gaze"
AFETO - "Affection"
SONHO - "The Dream"
CUIDADO - "The Care"
MILAGRE - "The Miracle"
CELEBRACAO - "Celebration"
RE-EVOLUCAO - "Re-Evolution" THE GAZE 1994 - 2001 Mechanical Engineer
Platform manager at
VALEO 2001 - 2012 Sustainability and Innovation Coordinator
at Anima Educacao 2007 Post Graduation Program
Cooperative Games Eduardo Shimahara a.k.a. SHIMA Brazil Co-founder at www.educ-acao.com he likes
art classes ! Michael Fichardt Managing Director at Glo Energy South Africa Reinier Hanekon Town Planner
South Africa Chinweoke Ike Graduate Assitant
South Africa Tamanda Kaleke
Tourism Officer Ministry of Tourism
Malawi Edgard Gouveia Jr. Therese Luyt

Civil Engineer - PDNA Therese's history about
Black economic empowerment South Africa Interconnectedness Non-Linear
Rich and diverse
Relationships Recognition : it
is an open system Gaze - Mutsa
Affection - Eamonn
Dream - Eamonn
Care - Therese
Miracle -
Celebration -
Revolution - Affection Dream Care Celebration Large number of elements Re-Evolution Feedback loops Rich diversity
of interrelationships System history/memory Potential for
self organization Eamonn O'Rourke South Africa Landscape Architect and Environmental Manager “The seed of transformation through and through shared dreams, that through the awareness of and the appreciation of the power of each one here and now, and they in collective action that nourish beauty, joy and pleasure to realize a better world for all.” ELOS philosophy of transformation History about:
Company growing pains

OASIS since 2003
+18.000 volunteers Created by Brazilian NGO
Instituto ELOS Edgard Gouveia Jr. It starts when a community invites
a volunteer to organize an OASIS GAME or
a volunteer invites a community...
It has to be FAST,FREE and FUN Multiple systems interact Emergence Rich relationship DREAMS ABOUT LYNEDOCH ? Community Space

Adaptive Dynamic,
rich and
non linear
interactions Open system Miracle Emergence Self Organization Rich Feed Back New history Large number of
components Relationship History Feed Back Rich Feed Back Open Systems Rich relationships Inherently
adaptive OASIS Game was brought into "ANIMA EDUCACAO" From 2008 - 2012
16 commuities
+ 2.000 volunteers
Brazilian "case" 1st OASIS Lynedoch ? ...yet to be told ! THE END ? ...or THE BEGINNING ? THANK YOU! History of a "complex" game that changed my life OASIS Santa Catarina
January - 2009
Catastrophy situation
+4.000 volunteers 163 2013 emerges relationships flow abundance manifest Memory Braai Jungle gym picnic community art experiences Story telling community
market Recreation ALEMOA COMMUNITY Invited to play... EDGARD GOUVEIA Jr. Context
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