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Julian Jackson

No description

andrew jones

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Julian Jackson

he would hang around single or newly married couples.he would go on lots of trips to different places with his friends.
he went to another party what he thought would be cool but ended up only with about 22 people altogether.
As julian gew up he drunk alot. he was at a party on a friday night and he had drunk 15 shots of vodka.
julian jackson was not really a nice person when he was young.He grew up in st. Thomas and was always in fights at school and eventually dropped out.
The school he went to was st. thomas catholic church lenasia. while there he met a girl named jeanine nicole valiatham. They also went on rides together and he would talk about her smile.
As time went by they stopped seeing each other and slowly began to seperate.
Work Experience
Julian Jackson
Anthony Rodriguez
vi history
2nd period
the man who helped him learn to fight helped him not only in boxing but in life.julian had became a positive man and a strong man from boxing.
not just by discipline but by boxing martial arts sports and etc.
in my opinion this shows there are other ways to help people.
life after boxing for him was a great opportunity for him to do something else instead of boxing.
how he became a boxer was because he met a man in a gym in st thomas who changed him from a bad dude in school to a boxing champian
julian jackson
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