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1900's Vs Now

No description

Bobby Lane

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of 1900's Vs Now

1900's Vs Now
One of the big differences between the 1900's and now is the clothing. Back then it was common to own a couple nice shirts and suits. A few pairs of pants, and a very scratchy cotton or wool shirt. Now a days we own tons of shirts, many pants, and maybe even more then three suits! It is very common to own many shirts these days, and we wear them differently. Also back then it was not common to reveal undergarments such as boxers.
Almost everyone today owns a piece of technology, from iPod's, to iPhones, tablets, and even computers, that are starting to lack in technology. All of this stuff was different form back then and was not around. In the 1900 there was such things as computers, but nothing that we would expect today. These were simply for calculations(Computer Hope). Another thing that is like nothing like it is today are phones. Now, there were such things as phones, but nothing like today, and especially no cell phones.
Back then in the 1900's, children worked a lot harder then our generation today. Back then it was common for a child to work on their parents farm if they lived out in the country. Often in the city, children our ages would work in mines, factories, or on the street, shining shoes, selling food or newspapers, etc. Now a days it is very layed back. Most kids will sit in their room and surf the web on their phone, or play video games. Sure work is still in our lives, and we still do labor, but nothing like the children from the 1900's. Today we have it very easy.
In the 1900's marriage was a bit different. Today we usually are about 25-30 when we get married, back then, women were typically 19 when they were married, while men married around 28. So for girls, you would of been a little younger, for men, it was typically the same.
Back then sports were some what the same. They were the same idea, for example, American Football, it existed back then, and followed the same rules, same with ice hockey, or baseball. Now, the big difference between now and then is the gear they wore. Often, the gear they wore was very little, and also common to wear none.
School was very different for back then from now. Very first thing, in the mid 1900's, teachers were aloud to hit children for punishment. Most people refer to this as the 'ruler'. It was like the teachers would act as parents. Today, if a teacher did that, or any type of school worker, they would be fired immediately!

Another big difference from now and the 1900's is segregation. Darker coloured people would often be put into a different school, maybe with worse conditions. Now a day, there is no difference or care, which is a major problem solved.

Another big difference was the fact that girls sometimes did not attend to school, because there was nowhere to attend to. in the 1900's, there were some schools that did not allow young women to attend, that way they could stay home and to house work(Libraries and Archives Canada)
Bobby Lane
Now obviously life in the 1900's, one hundred years ago, was very different from today. A lot has come along since then, such as television, phones, medicines! A lot has changed from then, and the way we interact, and spend our time.
Today transportation is a key thing in our society. Everything consists around it. We have many ways of transportation, such as, cars, bikes, planes, helicopters, any other motor vehicle, and so on. Although, how different was vehicles from now in 1900?
Yes, in 1900-1950 ad around that time people did own cars, although, not as popular as today. Not everyone in the early 1900's owned a car, horse carriage was still very popular. Although, even though cars were the expensive thing, compared today they re nothing compared to our cars that we own. No screens, or heated seats, or TVs, movable seats, comfortable seats, automatic window, any window at all, and so on.
Just as many of us today, bicycles are a big thing in our world. They have definitely evolved from what they used to be like. Back then there was a standard bicycle, now it has gone into mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and so on. Bikes have changed from back then in a lot of ways with the frame too. There is male, female, and unisex.
In the 1900's there were such things as plane. Although, nothing that we would expect.
In 1904
had created the very first plane, flown by man. A man would simply lie on the plane, and once he or she had lifted in the
The Wright Brothers
air, they would direct it with a wooden stick, that directed the wings in a certain position, to turn and dip the plane, and what not(Aeroplane CO.)
This next point goes along with style. Back then haircuts were very different then ours today. Many women had very poofy hair, when men usually had shorter, but once they could, they would grow
long sideburns, or even a full mustache!
In conclusion, the 1900's were very different form today, from clothes, to sports. There is many differences from back then, life is definitely a lot more layed back and better for us in ways then it used to be.
Arithmetic Logic unit(ALU)
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