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Airwatch MDM Solution

No description

Jacky Lai

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of Airwatch MDM Solution

AirWatch 7.2




Support Resources

Install AirWatch server at customer site
No information can be shared
If customer need, AirWatch PS team

Pure Cloud
Integrated Cloud

Environment Settings
System Settings
Devices & users settings

Support Resources
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Workspace Management
Mobile Security
Mobile Device Management
Mobile Content Management
Mobile Email Management
Mobile Browsing Management
Laptop Management
Multiuser Management
Saas envirnoment

Support Portal


Contact points

Integrated Cloud
Airwatch Cloud Connector (ACC)
Initiate outbound calls from customer back-end enterprise system

Mobile Access Gateway (MAG)
Provide secure incoming connections for individual devices to access corporate resources

Airwatch 7.2 MDM Solution
Pure Cloud
Offers limited managed integration
SAML for directory service integration
Cloud PKI (e.g. Symantec) for PKI integration
F5 Access Policy Manager (APM) integration for app tunneling integration
Airwatch Cloud Connector (ACC)
Directory Services
Authenticate devices and administrators from customer's internal directory

Certificate Services
Enable AirWatch to issue device certificates from customer's Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Exchange 2010
Block email access directly from the mail server

Manage existing BlackBerry devices using AirWatch
Mobile Access Gateway (MAG)
Enable the AirWatch Secure Content Locker to download documents directly from a back-end SharePoint system

Internal websites/web apps
Enable the AirWatch Browser to access internal websites and web applications

Application Communication
Enable applications to communicate with internal systems
iOS Enrollment Flow
Example of Basic Configuration
Example of a Relay-Endpoint Configuration
iOS Enrollment
Saas environment
Demo use
Admin portal

Self Service portal

Device registration
AirWatch Support Portal

Community Forums

Knowledge Base

My Tickets


\\\Techsup\Corp Solutions\MDM\AirWatch\7.2.0
Contact Point
Self Service portal
AirWatch apps
Account Management
User account
Add - Add User, Batch Import
Management - Activate, Deactivate
Support - Send Message
Admin - Delete

Admin account
Add User
Batch Import

AD account
Android Enrollment
Device Management
Admin Portal > Device > List view > choose device > More
Device Summary
System Settings
Cloud Connector
Directory Services
Email (SMTP)
Mobile Access Gateway

How's to
Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration
Device & Users Settings
Privacy Settings
Android - Google Play Integration
Apple - APNs for MDM
BES 10 Settings
Privacy Settings
Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > General > Privacy
Google Play Integation
Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Android > Google Play Integration
APNs for MDM
Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Apple > APNs for MDM
BES 10 Settings
Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > BlackBerry > BlackBerry 10 > BES 10 Settings
AirWatch Browser

Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > AirWatch Browser
Home Page
Kiosk mode
Content Settings
Personal Content
Configure end user's storage setting

User Storage
Check end user's storage usage

How's to
Groups & Settings > All Settings > Content
Email Settings
Mobile Email Management Configuration

Groups & Settings > All Settings > Email > Configuration

Wipe Logging
Admin Console > Devices > Lifecycle > Wipe Log
Add Device Profile
Admin Console > Devices > Profiles >List View > Add > Choose
Wipe Device
Enterprise Wipe
Device Wipe - Device Storage
- Removable Storage
- Both Device & Removable Storage
Reboot Device

Wipe Options
Enterprise Wipe - wipe corp data
Enterprise Reset - wipe Motorola Device
Device Wipe - wipe whole device
Device Storage
Removable Storage
Both Device & Removable Storage
Enrollment Status
Devices listed by status of enrolled, registered or blacklisted

Wipe Log
View the history of all Enterprise Wipe and Device Wipe commands
Enrollment Status
Enrollment Status
Pending Enrollment

Compliance Status
Registration Active
Registration Expired

1\ Download AirWatch MDM Agent from Play Store
2\ Perform below one of three types of connection
a. Corporate Email address
b. Server URL & Group ID
c. QR code
3\ Authenticate
a. Basic username / password
b. Active Directory credentials

\\\Techsup\Corp Solutions\MDM\AirWatch\AirWatch Contact information.docx
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