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Video Production - Continuity

The concept and importance of continuity in video production.

Wil Duncan

on 16 April 2012

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Transcript of Video Production - Continuity

Continuity & Flow
The idea that scenes must be acted out the same way over and over again. While shooting from different angles and perspectives. Which help to create a natural feel or FLOW to the story.
While at the same time maintaining the the look and feel of the shot or sequence.
The idea is make sure there are no inconsistancies in the shot or sequence
You will need a pen or pencil and piece of paper.
Write down every inconsistency that you notice.
Watch these videos.
During shooting then during editing; making sure that scenes remain consistent.
Like wearing the same clothes if you need more then one day to shoot.
or... making sure that any movement or objects or items in the background or foreground remain the same.
By shooting like this, the director gives the editor more opportunities to...well edit!
Flow and Fun!
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