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Missionary Involvement in Africa

No description

Ashley Roberts

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Missionary Involvement in Africa

Missionary Involvement In Africa Religions in Africa Preview Prior Religions Current Religions What was their Purpose? Missionaries of Africa Religion and Culture Healing and Harmony Information The Missionaries provide recent information about justice and peace issues that concern Africa and where they live. Helping to bring health and reconciliation is one of their missions. The Missionaries of Africa are helping to promote inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue. Who, What, Where One of the successes from the Missionaries
of Africa was managing a system of schools
such as universities, colleges, secondary and grade schools. They also have encouraged literacy. Education Nysamba Babies
Home Another success from the Missionaries was building a home for tiny children whose parents were killed due to the AIDS crisis. What were some of their successes? Current Religions Current Religions Affect of Culture on
Religion Half of Nigeria is Muslim, and half of
the population is Christian. The majority of the Christian population is Catholic. Religions in Africa include: Animist, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim Sunni, Coptic. -Many countries had the same religion but different names or language was used.

-Two thousand languages are spoken. Prior Religions Prior Religions Prior Religions Prior Religions The prior religion of Somalia
is Islam. No prior international religion. Christianity was the prior
religion in Ethiopia. African religions are monotheistic. Spirits are present in everyday life-intermediary. God is distant thus they pray to intermediaries. Prior religions not completely "documented." Goals of Missions After translating Bibles into African language, the missionaries need the Africans to be able to read. They started establishing schools and also established hospitals. Missionary Work in Colonial Nigeria Missionaries helped abolish the slave trade. 1841- first major mission by the Society for the Extinction of the Slave Trade. This expedition failed. Next, they used freed converted Africans to evangelize other villagers. Lasting Influence CMS (Church Missionary Society) started a church in Nigeria with an Anglican bishop. This church failed because the church leaders did not enforce strict practices. Because of this, Nigerians formed their own independent churches. Why the Religion was Accepted Alexandria Turcotte
Ashley Roberts
Andrew Oliver
Jeremy Street 45% of population is under 15. The missionaries Specific Missionary Mary Slessor was a missionary to Nigeria from 1876 to her death in 1914. Slessor made great advances in the fixing of the violent Egbo society. Missionaries Missionaries of Africa originated in Algeria and are now located all over Africa in 23 different countries. The Mission of the Missionaries of Africa was to heal, teach and to preach. They have been spreading the word across Africa for 150 years. The founder of Missionaries of Africa, is Charles Lavigerie. Christian mission trips were organized by multiple denominations such as Roman Catholic, Protestant denominations, African Episcopal, Methodists, and National Baptist Convention. Missionaries come from North America and Europe. Works Cited
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