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Soil Fertility in Volcanoes

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Adrianna Johnson

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Soil Fertility in Volcanoes

Volcanic Soil, Ash, Water
How do volcanoes make soil fertile?
The soils around the volcano are fertile.
People will be able to grow a variety of crops.
(Rich soil) encourages farming, agriculture and population growth.
By-products of volcanic activity can be used in everyday applications.
Volcanic ash us used as a filler in adhesives, and great for construction use.
Beneficial products of volcanic activity are that the earth (soil) will be filled with nutrients.
Thermal energy, used to produce electricity.
Prime petroleum sources.
High-energy geothermal systems most efficient natural concentrators of valuable ore minerals.
Why do people live by active volcanoes?
Soil Fertility Around Volcanoes
Soil Fertility is rich in nutrients like zinc, chlorine, iron, cobalt, nitrogen, boron, and many more.
Lava coming down the side breaks down slowly to form fertile soil, which holds lots of water.
The ash from the volcanoes can be good because it releases valuable nutrients that will make the soil more fertile.
Climate plays a huge role because good soil depends on the precipitation to get growth in the vegetables.
Not all volcanic soil is rich because hydrogen ions could be released instead and become more acidic, which will be harder for plants to grow.
Over the years the minerals from lava and ash will be broken down more but it could be or not be beneficial to the soil.
Volcanic soils contain small amounts of iron witch plants need to make chlorophyll.
Volcanoes soil are also know as andisols. Andisols are formed from volcanic ash.
Volcanic materials break down and weather to form some of the most fertile soils on Earth.
Volcanic ash often contain minerals that are beneficial to plants, and if it is very fine ash it will break down quickly and get mixed into soil.
Volcanoes make soil fertile because magmatic soil/material contain many many different kinds of nutrients that aid farming and agriculture.
Volcanic ash is hard,rough, and does not dissolve in water. It can conduct electricity when it is wet.
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