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In Delirium, seventeen-year-old Lena is waiting for her birt

No description

Armani Jackson

on 26 July 2014

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Transcript of In Delirium, seventeen-year-old Lena is waiting for her birt

In Delirium, seventeen-year-old Lena is waiting for her birthday, when she can have a procedure to stop her from falling in love; a condition that has been ruled a disease. Before she can get the procedure though, she falls in love with a Alex, one of the rebels living unaltered in the Wilds outside civilized cities. Lena discovers that much of her life is a lie, including the supposed suicide of her mother, and runs off to the Wilds. In the process, Alex sacrifices himself for her.

As the story begins, Lena waits anxiously for her procedure when all her pain will be removed. She lives in Portland, Maine, which like all U.S. cities is surrounded by guards and electric fences. No one is allowed in or out and no one is allowed to live in the Wilds outside the fences. Living there are rumored Invalids.
Magdalena "Lena" Ella Haloway- Tiddle
Prone to having nightmares & depression
Physical Traits
Athletic build
Hazel eyes
Short- only 5' 2"
17 years old
'Muddy' brown hair
Not thin, but not fat
"I'm not ugly, but I'm not pretty, either."
Lena is extremely kind to her younger cousin, Grace, who grew up without a mom.
When she starts something, she refuses to give up
She refuses to give in and take the Cure. She would rather be killed. ("I'd rather die my way than live yours.")
She is always persistent, even when she runs with Hana.
Brave & Courageous
Chooses to go to the Wilds with Alex, despite the dangers
Stands up for what she believes and refuses to have the procedure
She leaves Hana, who at one time she was completely dependent on
Her family has been affected by a series of scandals relating to the Derliria
Hana is her best friend.
She risks her life to warn people she doesn't even know about a dangerous situation
She became very emotional when she encountered a dog that was shot during a raid. This incident changed her viewpoint on society.
"You have to understand. I am no one special. I am just a girl. I am five feet two inches tall and in-between in every way.
But I have a secret.
You can build walls all the way to the sky and I will find a way to fly above them. You can try to pin me down with a hundred arms, but I will find a way to resist. And there are many of us out there, more than you think. People who refuse to stop believing. People who refuse to come to earth. People who live in a world without walls, people who love into hate, into refusal, against hope, and without fear."
By the end of the novel, Lena is confident and no longer insecure.
"Alex always made me feel beautiful.."
Through his love, she learned to love herself.
No longer afraid to disobey family
Stops comparing herself to Hana
She no longer lets her height define her
Lena's Personal History
Lena lives with her aunt, uncle and two cousins, Jenny and Grace.
The cure never worked on her mother. This means she could still love.
Her mother "committed suicide" when Lena was six.
Lena has lived with the pain & stigma of the event ever since
Lena and Hana's Relationship
Lena was very dependent on Hana. They became friends at a time when Lena was isolated from her peers. Her mother had just 'died', due to Deliria and kids refuse to talk to her because they think she could have caught it.
In the first half of the book, Lena clings desperately to Hana. She is scared to be alone in the world, however, by the end of the story the dynamic is reverse. Lena is the one letting Hana go.
Lena & Alex's Relationship
Lena & Alex form a connection during her evaluation, when she saw him laughing as one of the protesters.
After meeting a couple more times, Alex saves her from a party.
He told her that he saw her as different from everybody else. She was "awake"
Alex changed Lena's views and ideas about society. He opened her eyes to the web of lies the society was built upon. He thought she was beautiful, smart, funny, and he told her so. He loved her even though she didn't feel worthy of his love. Alex helped Lena define herself as a person.
Portland, Maine, USA
100 years in the future
Span: Over the course of a couple months
The Crypts
Rising Action
Protagonist: Lena
Aunt Carol
Person vs. Self
Lena vs. Lena
Internal Conflict
Past Beliefs vs. Current Desires
The procedure = safety and feeling of being normal
Alex = uncertainty and danger yet also love and happiness
Person vs. Person
Hana vs. Lena

Hana wanted Lena to be more adventurous and brave.

Lena felt pressured by Hana. Lena was lonely and hurt due to the fact that Hana seemed perfectly capable of leaving Lena behind.
The story starts with Lena telling the readers about the current state if society and a little bit about her life
Carol (her aunt) prepares Lena for her evaluation which pair her with someone
During the evaluation, Alex and other Invalids (people who refuse the cure and go into the Wilds) interrupt
Hana and Lena go for a run and enter an area only for authorized personal
Once inside they meet the guard, Alex
Lena realizes that the guard is the same guy who interrupted her evaluation
Hana starts to defy the government
Lena and Alex meet up with each other
Alex reveals to her that he is an Invalid and not cured
Alex then tells Lena that he likes her
Lena eventually admits that she loves Alex as much as he loves her
Falling Action
A police raid almost captures Lena & Hana
Lena & Alex visit the Wilds
Both are found by the police and Lena is locked up in her house and her procedure date is moved up
Grace & Alex help Lena escape
Using a motorcycle, Alex helps Lena escape into the Wilds. Alex was supposed to be right behind her, but when she looks back he's not there.
"What is beauty? Beauty is no more than a trick; a delusion; the influence of excited particles and electrons colliding with your eyes, jostling in your brain like a bunch of overeager schoolchildren, about to be released on break. Will you let yourself be deluded? Will you let yourself be deceived?"
Life isn't about just existing. It's about understanding that you have to experience the bad things in order to experience something good.
"You know you can't be happy unless you're unhappy, right?"
When Lena didn't get to spend time with Alex she felt hurt. But later, she made the comment that the pain made it worth it.
If you were happy all the time, you would eventually become desensitized/numb to it.
Lena's height symbolizes her low self-esteem, emotional growth & development throughout the course of the novel.
Lena's sense of self worth was diminished when her mother "died". She constantly compares herself to Hana, who is 5'9" whereas she is only 5'2". This is how Lena's feels about herself in comparison to her friend. If Lena had Hana's confidence then she might be taller theoretically.
Title Significance
Delirium means a state of violent excitement or emotion. This is how the government views
amor deliria nervosa
. Which is the act of falling in love.
Strengths & Weaknesses
description of characters (gave a back story to Lena and her family)
Plot was intriguing
Captured your emotions
Alex seemed unrealistic. He was too perfect.
Alex's character wasn't developed well
Social/ Historical Significance
The story takes place in an alternative present. Our society could get to this point and what would we do then?
-Lauren Oliver

What if love was a disease?
Would you accept the cure?
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