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Governmental Structure of Brave New World &1984

Dhruv Patel

on 9 January 2012

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Transcript of IOP

"Liberalism is Totalitarianism with a Human Face." - Thomas Sowell Government United States of
America 1984
By George Owell Brave New World By Aldous Huxley Goverment Structure Social Structure Symbol Govermental Structure Social Structure Tools of Enforcement Relation to 1984 Realtion to B.N.W. By: Dhruv Patel Goverment Structure Entire apparatus of the government is sectionalized into four minstries. INGSOC a.k.a. English Socialism: "conscious aim of perpetuating unfreedom and inequality" (p.203) Big Brother & Inner Party are the controllers. "Oligarchical Collectivism" (p.184) Main Goal: "use up the products of the machine without raising the general standard of living." (p.188) Social Structure Inner Party: Members live a somewhat luxurious lifestyle.
They enjoy large flats, high quality clothes, food and drinks, and tobacco. They have 2-3 servants and their own private motorcar or helicopter. Outer Party: Enjoy somewhat of the same luxuries as the IP, but at substantially lower degree.
This group is constantly watched over. Never ending war.
In priciple the war effort was more so devised to eat up the surplus materials without actually having any need for them: using labor and fear as a method of control. Proles: Have a short life expectancy due to harsh labor, poor living conditions, and vast amounts of criminal activity.
"Proles and animals are free." (p.72)
The lack of manipulation/ knowlege keeps the proles fairly easy to control. "...The consciousness of being at war, and therefore in danger, makes the handing-over of all power to a small caste seem the natural, unavoidable condition of surivival." (p.192) Tools of Enforcement War Newspeak Primary Purpose: Removal of words = removal of thought = elimination of any conflict with the government. Abolish any terms dealing with liberity, equality, etc. Telescreen/Thought Police/ Spies/Room 101 Direct forms of submition. Telescreen/ Thought Police/ Spies { All use some sort of physical force.
Provoke a sense of paranoia upon citizens
This is the first step to block any form of rebellion. Room 101 3 Steps occur: 1: Learning-Ex: the torture process with O'Brien
2: Understanding-Ex: the mirrors
3: Acceptance-Ex: the rats and Winston. Goverment Look-A-Like Soviet Union(Stalinism)
Resemblance: single political head, secret police, propaganda, brutal political coercions.
Largely followed the ideas of Leninism.
The government was constantly adapting news in order to gain the trust of the working class. 10 States are based on: economy, demography, and geography.
Mustapha Mond: "One of the Ten World Controllers." (p.34)
This form of government orginates after Nine Years' War & Economic Collapse Ideology derives from economic point of view.
Ideas of "religion" are heavily intertwined into every aspect of life. Promote the ideas of political order to generate control. Social Structure Alphas: Betas: Gammas: Deltas: Epsilons: Physical Qualities: Tall, agile, powerfully built.
Mental Qualities: " They work much harder than we do, because they're are so frightfully clever." (p.27) Physical Qualities: Alittle less developed than Alphas.
They have a more physical labor, but not as intense intellectual labor. Physical Qualities: slender in proportion, (Height comparable to Bernard.)
"Gammas are stupid" (p.27) Physical Qualties: Relatively short ( nearly drawfs)
Ex. of work: factory workers, harsh manual labor. Physical Qualities: ugly, monkey-like, handicapped creatures.
Mental Qualities: " They're too stupid to be able to read or write." (p.27) pg: 191 Tools of Enforcement Primary Motive: Eliminate any form of emotion => more "machine" like qualities = the ability to relinquish ideas of rebellion/ expression. Soma: Hypnopaedia: Government Look-A-Like Symbol "No social stability without individual stability" (p.42)
Government strongly supports the idea of uniformity=stability=demands "robots" not humans.
Soma provides only one emotion: happiness.
Citizens see life only as maintenance of well-being. Constant governmental messages= actual thoughts.
It mainly provokes a sense of satisfaction with one's class/society.
"Yes, and civilization is sterilization" (p.110) People's Republic of China Communist Party of China: faithful representatives of all ethnic groups.
In order to unite each ethnic group and create a strong socialist state, its central task is to deal with economic development.
Largely control population in order to maintain a stablized lifestyle for its citizens. The federal gov. is split up into three main branches: Judicial, Executive, & Legislative.
Each state has its own state legislature.
In theory, all three branches are equal.
Goal: promote general equality and protection to its citzens. The representative style of government, depends on the majority, and since a majority of the population depends on a strong bureaucracy, the US government is strong. The US implements the use of law enforcement for domestic purposes, and a powerful military for international purposes.
The use of courts, lawyers, etc. are used in order to protect the innocently accused. Three major factors define one's class: Money, Power, and Prestige.
The structure is ever changing.
The richer you are the more you pay. (Trickle-Down Theory): the rich pay in order to provide for the rest Both governments put up the facade of "helping" the common man.
The ideas of governmental surveillance&censorship. Ex. Phone Tapping and Area 51.
Oceania is controlled by the United States.
Four "Ministries" of the U.S.: FBI, CIA, NSA, & DIA . Both governments promote somewhat of the same economic ideals: Ex. Fordist Capitalism
Technology in the fields of genetic manipulation.
Growth in the lossing interest in Literature.
"Ending is better than mending, the more stitches, the less riches..." (p.49) Big Brother Paradox of a dictator: non-existent.
His name denotes a sense of warmth and protection to the citizens of Oceania.
The constant change as to when he came into power= enternal gov.
"He[Winston] loved Big Brother." (p.298) Ford & Model T Technology has replaced any need for God as a source for life and meaning.
The introduction of the Model T= change of the cross to the T.
" '...saying of Our Ford's: History is bunk' " (p. 34)
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