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Heaven Is For Real

No description

Devon Vieaux

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Heaven Is For Real

Plot Structure Seeing isn't always believing- Although Todd and Sonja didn't personally visit heaven, they still believed that it was real and Colton visited it. Theme Characters- Todd Burpo
Sonja Burpo
Colton Burpo
Cassie Burpo
Dr. O'Holleran Exposition 1st Narrative hook-
Todd gets hurt playing softball. Narrative Hook(s) Rising Action By Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent Heaven Is For Real Exposition Narrative Hook Rising action/Conflicts rising action Colton's astounding story of his trip to Heaven and back Narrative hook climax Setting-
Imperial, Colorado 2nd Narrative hook-
Todd begins to heal and Colton gets sick. Rising action(s)] Colton undergoes many different surgeries. Todd and Sonja question whether or not he will survive. Colton struggles to stay healthy, as he cannot eat or drink anything without throwing it right up. Climax Colton undergoes his last surgery.

Todd rages at God in an empty hospital room as Sonja calls family members. Crisis The crisis of this story is right after Colton's last surgery when they confirm whether or not Colton survives. Colton Burpo Colton- very sweet with a big heart. He is caring and very faithful. He is 4 years old. Todd Burpo Todd is a caring and smart man. He loves his family and God. He is a preacher at a church in Imperial, Colorado. He is the father of Colton and Cassie Burpo, and the Husband of Sonja Burpo. Sonja Burpo Sonja is the mother of Colton and Cassie. She's also the wife of Todd. She is very strong and helpful towards her family.
Setting This book takes place in Imperial, Colorado. This is a small town with lots of open land. Everyone in the town knows one another and everyone is very close.
Falling action/Resolution Since this was a true story, there was no true falling action/resolution. The story began to fall in my opinion, after Colton's surgery. This is when he began to talk about his visitation in Heaven and the angels singing to him. Falling action/resolution Todd gets hurt and breaks his leg

He then gets a lump in his chest which was diagnosed as breast cancer.

He gets kidney stones. 154 pages
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