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Copy of Copy of Cue for Treason Chapters 9-12

No description

Awesome People

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Cue for Treason Chapters 9-12

Chapters 9-12
Joeline, Alicia, and Ellie Cue for Treason Summary:
-Peter Brownrigg is trying to retrieve his copy of Shakespeare's play, Henry the Fifth, which he lent to the Yellow Gentleman.
-Peter Brownrigg attempts to break into the Yellow Gentleman's house.
-Peter finds out that Sir Phillip Morton has something to do with the Yellow Gentleman's plan for treason.
-He gets his script back
-Peter finds out some lines in his script have been underlined; does not understand why.
-Also finds s copy of a sonnet; Kit believes it to more treason.
Chapter 12 - Treason on Thames-Side Significance of Title:
The title of the twelfth chapter is Treason on Thames-side. It is signifcant because Peter retrieves his stolen script from the Yellow Gentleman's house by the Thames River.
-Finds a sonnet attached to the script; Kit infers it to be more treason.

-Peter is in conflict with the Yellow Gentleman who stole his script.
-Takes place in: London, the Temple Bar, the Thames River and the Yellow Gentleman's house Characters:
-No new characters are introduced in this chapter
-Peter, Kit, and the Yellow Gentleman.

Significance of title:
- They come across Sir Philip Morton, who puts them both in danger
o They are “re-entering” danger because they meet him again.
Chapter 9 - Re-Enter Danger Characters:
- William Shakespear: becomes important character
o Hires Kit and Peter to act in his new play
- Peter: important because he replaces Kit in the play
o Sees Sir Philip Morton but is safe because he will not be recognized by Morton
- Kit: Cannot play on stage because Sir Philip Morton is there
o The problems in the chapter happen because of her conflict with Sir Philip Morton
o She proves her strong willed nature because she is willing to take a beating
- Sir Philip Morton: Is the enemy of Kit and Peter
o He is the foil
- The main conflict is between Kit and Sir Philip Morton; she cannot perform on stage because he is there.
- Takes place in London, England
- Most of the chapter is set in the theatre

Significance of title:
-Sir Philip Morton is revealed as Kit’s Enemy
oHe is “the man” who she ran away from, “the man” who she wrote the letter to, and “the man” who she had to hide from and not perform in front of.
Chapter 10 - Sir Philip is the Man Characters:
- Sir Philip Morton: Chapter is centered around him
o Kit cannot perform on stage as Juliet because he is there
- Kit: Peter has to play as the understudy on stage in place of her
- Peter: Replaces Kit on stage
- Burbage: Almost gives Kit a beating
- Shakespear: Saves Kit from a beating when he says Peter and Kit are his apprentices
-Main conflict is between Kit and Sir Philip Morton
-Another conflict is between Burbage and Kit; he is upset with Kit
- Theatre in London
Chapter 11 - The House of the Yellow Gentlemen Significance of title:
- In the chapter they find out the house of the Yellow Gentleman which they have to break into to get the script book
- Peter
- Kit
- William Shakespeare
- Burbage
- Desmond
- Yellow Gentleman
Peter gives the script of Henry the Fifth to a stranger who he called the Yellow Gentleman. This man was a “play pirate” who was just trying to steal the play.
-London, England
-Tavern for dinner
-outside of St. Paul
-Fleet street
-Thames river

- Shakespeare takes Kit and Peter under his wing

- Kit and Peter are hired to play in Romeo and Juliet on stage

- Kit cannot perform because Sir Philip Morton is there

- Peter must play as an understudy for Kit

- He sees Sir Philip Morton in the audience

Summary :

- Peter fears he will be recognized by Sir Philip Morton, though this does not come true

- Kit is about to be punished for her absence by Burbage

- Shakespeare saves them by saying Kit and Peter are his apprentices

- Kit reveals that she was supposed to marry Sir Philip Morton


- Kit and Peter act for the Queen and are growing prosperous & famous

- Peter meets the Yellow Gentleman who “borrows” a copy of Shakespeare’s new play for one shilling

- Peter and Kit discover that the Yellow Gentleman is a play pirate

- They plan to steal the play back that night

- The chapter closes with Peter taking a boat out on the river to begin their scheme
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