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Food and Symbolism in the Hunger Games

The symbolism of the food.

Hurley Cribb

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Food and Symbolism in the Hunger Games

By: Kinsey E. Cannon & Hurley W. Cribb Hunger Games Food and the Symbolism The snack in the Capital was cake.
The symbolism of cake is life, religion, and nature.
The relation to the Hunger Games was foreshadowing that Katniss will win the games. Day Two Snack in the Capital The drink they had was wine.
the symbolism of wine is life, and strength.
The relation to the Hunger Games was when they were training, the wine was showing Katniss's strength in the Hunger Games. Wine The food they ate was mushroom soup.
The symbolism of the soup is success, and government.
The relation in the Hunger Games is the Capital was a very successful government. Mushroom Soup Greens with Tomatoes They ate greens with tomatoes.
The symbolism is slavery, and control.
The relation to the Hunger Games was the Capital controls the tributes. Roast Beef Roast beef was one of the other things they ate for dinner
The symbolism for it was good luck.
The relation to the Hunger Games is the struggle that Peeta and Katniss will have to fight for them selfs . Cheese is also one of the things they ate.
Its symbolism is disappointment and sorrow.
The relation to the Hunger Games is that Katniss and Peeta are sad that they are going into the arena. Cheese Blue grapes was the last thing they ate in the dinner.
Its symbolism is blood and seriousness.
The relation to the Hunger Games in the Games, only 1 out of 24 survive. Blue Grapes See Work Cited
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