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Continuous Improvement

Role of CID is to facilitate training and problem solving to empower staff to make changes, free up CCF resources, reduce turnover that result in more grants and ensure we deliver quality products to our constituents.


on 2 November 2010

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Transcript of Continuous Improvement

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all" ... "or that which should be done differently" Peter F. Drucker ... Antonia Hernandez Communication 1 to maximize efficiencies in process and technology by both understanding and challenging assumptions on the way we do our business Our goals are To work across departments to measure, evaluate, re-design and execute processes for optimal delivery of foundation products and services Originally conceived as the Operational Efficiency Department, the new group name is the Willingness to change Involvement of All Employees Effort Key elements to continuous improvement Quality Continuous Improvement Department at the heart, is dissatisfaction with the status quo How do we measure impact & success? Increase productivity with existing staff capacity Train staff to use Raiser’s Edge to document all community stakeholder, nonprofit and community interactions. From this, a weekly NPO Action Report will be produced. Additional by-products of this effort include internal team dashboards and other metric reports We seek a cultural shift, not just to accomplish a series of isolated projects. Our roles will be that of consultants to help troubleshoot and empower staff to make changes, free up CCF resources that result in more grants and ensure we deliver quality products to our constituents. The initial foundation-wide projects to launch our department will be 2 3 to promote and empower staff to continuously adapt and adopt improvements to improve customer service, satisfaction and perceptions from grantee, stakeholder and donor standpoints Work with HR to implement software that emphasizes staff development, performance and maximizes staff competencies. Implement Quality Improvement Circles “QIC’s” to create a culture of problem solvers actively looking for solutions to and improvements in their daily work. Formalize process for Meeting & Event Management.
This work will inform protocols for convening and space planning at our new building More than half the staff is involved in production of board materials. Use website and other media to enhance and green how materials are presented to the board What Will You Improve Today? Speed Matters Quality Matters
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