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The sky is the limit

Introductie in Projectmanagement, ontwerpprojecten en de digitale coach

Steven Nijhuis

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of The sky is the limit

Design projects &
the Digital coach

The sky is the limit

Your team has 20 minutes to construct a skyscraper made out of spaghetti and
marshmallows. The criteria for the skyscraper are it must be durable, tall, and
strong. To be successful, the skyscraper must stand for 20 minutes after being
built and be able to support a weight equal to 50 sheets of paper. The team with
the best skyscraper based on height, durability, and strength will WIN. . . .
Good Luck!!!
only the provide spaghetti and marshmallows may be used as building material.
the marshmallows may not be altered (cut, split, crushed or otherwise).
the marshmallows may be eaten, but won't be replaced.
trying to finish the construction after the twenty minutes have passed, will result in disqualification.
1. Estimate approximately how much time was spent on planning and how much
time was spent on building during the 20 minutes allotted for construction of the
2. Explain the team process of planning the structure.
• Did everyone have the same background, skill level, and so on?
• Was it a team effort or did individuals work by themselves?
3. Explain the team process of building the structure.
• How did your team actually build your structure?
• How did your team reduce the project into manageable tasks?
4. Analyze how your team managed the following components: time, cost, and performance.
• How would you define each element: time, cost, or performance?
• Which component was the most important: time, cost, or performance?
Project management fundementals:
1. It never goes according to plan
2. If you don't plan, it fails
Design projects, or how do we teach?
Assignments you are likely to get when graduated
Assignments enabling you to learn skills needed to become the professional
Real life problem (someone is needing your solution)
‘Real life working situation’:
You are a contractor with an assignment
You are aided by experts, but only on demand
You can confer with the principal (or problem bearer), but he/she is pressed for time
You can confer with the tutor, but he/she won’t solve the problem for you
Professional assignments
More consequences
No hit and run assignment:
Regular sessions with the problem owner:
Getting the assignment clear, aggreeing upon project plan (approach), aggreeing upon design and test(groups).
Your solution needs to be tested (pre-presented) before it can be delivered, test results need to be processed.
Three assignments
P: Problem that needs to be solved
K: desired new Knowledge
C: Competences to be developped
How does this compare to what you are used?
What are the oppertunities and threats for you

Small groups, discussion and feedback
Validation / Review
4 sessions:
1. Kick-off (When?)
2. Project plan (Client) / Startup Review (experts)
3. Design (Client) / Mid term review (experts, halfway project plan / end presentation)
4. End presentation (Client) / Lessons learned review (experts last week)

Client(s) validate what you are planning to do for them, Experts review if what you are doing is correct. For the last one you need to have criteria
What are your projects criteria?
The three-unity:
The digital coach
Client mostly validates (even if problem definition and/or results are bad)
Criteria are non existent or at best too global to be of any use
Competence growth is not what was expected / planned
Solution usually doesn’t (assumed & wrong criteria)
Why a digital coach?
Creating a plan of approach is difficult (especially for inexperienced students).
Students don’t experience the creation of a plan of approach is part of the ‘real’ work.
Bad PoA’s lead to troublesome projects.
Most students learn the importance of a PoA by failure. This is often not an appreciated lesson.
Reasons behind this
The result of a project
The assignment
Make a viral/ make us famous:
>10 million hits on this video
18 video's on youtube showing attempts or parody (combined views >500k)
1 video making of, over 500k views (appr. 100k in last 2 months)
And a spinn-off game (last 2 months)
Have some fun: Done that.
Make it look real: Done that (people asking can we now do more steps?)

Capture the spirit of the brand?
Look at HiTec in a different way?
Did you remember de brand name from the first video?
The real results
Find the criteria
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