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The Scientific Method Featuring:Gummy Bear Lab By:Brooke and Katy

No description

6th Grade

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of The Scientific Method Featuring:Gummy Bear Lab By:Brooke and Katy

The Scientific Method
Featuring:Gummy Bear Lab The Research Question What happens when you soak gummy bears in water? The Hypothesis Our hypothesis was that the gummy bears would expand. The Experiment We put the same amount of water in each beaker, then we put a big gummy bear and a regular one in each. After two minutes we took them out then weighed and measured them. The Variable The independent variable was the time the gummy bears stayed in the water. By: Brooke & Katy Some control variables were how long they were in the water,the water was the same kind,and the gummy bears were measured in grams and millimeters. The dependent variables were the mass and the length of the bear. Recording the data The chart had 3 columns with the headings of time, mass, and length. The rows had the data of the big or regular gummy bear. Data Analysis We made two line graphs. One measuring the length and the other measuring the weight. On the y axis we put the time and on the x axis we put the length in mm and mass in grams. Some patterns we found were they both increased at first then they decreased. Conclusion We wanted to know what happens to gummy bears if you put them in water. It was predicted that the gummy bears would get bigger because we thought that they would soak up the water like a sponge. The hypothesis was rejected because the length started at 19 mm for the regular one and ended at 20 mm and the weight started at 2.6 grams and ended at 2.2 grams. The gummy bears got lighter but a little longer by 26 minutes, by 24 hours later it mostly dissolved and was moldy. Some of the data could have been affected when people threw the gummy bear. Some people also forgot to reset the scale. In conclusion, the size of the gummy bears do change when you put them in water. At first they expand but eventually they end up dissolving. This is important to know because gummy bears can be digested. If they would continue to expand your stomach could burst if you ate to many before removed from your body. BEAKERS Lab Form Materials Lab Form
Big Gummy Bear
Regular Gummy Bear
Paper Towel
Distilled Water RULER Big Gummy Bear Regular Gummy Bears paper towel scale
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