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Why the Trojan War did happen.

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on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Why the Trojan War did happen.

Did the Trojan War did happen? Yes the Trojan War did happen and the points I'm going to make are going to prove it. Reason #1
The City In the 19th century a man named Heinrich
Schlienmann went on a search to find Troy, and
he found some rubble and found a broken down city. Even as it is just a broken down city that was there, it was the shape Homer described it would look. From the fact that a broken down city is where Troy is supposed to be, this is solid evidence. Reason #2
The Iliad My second peice of evidence of proving that the Trojan War happened is The Iliad. The Iliad is a huge poem about the Trojan War and even though most of it would be considered as fiction, there is some good facts in there. As told in the last reason Homer told about a city, and they found that city. Sure the part about the gods wasn't true that doesn't make it all fake. They put their religion into it, it is just like adding an exaggeration. Reason #3 Paintings and other stories. As a 3rd point, hate to point this out for the ones who think it is fake but we have paintings of Troy. Even as the most
reliable sources will tell you
it didn't happen just look at
this painting. Yes there are
other stories that I could share but space is limited. But with many many other paintings and stories about the Trojan War makes it hard to prove it didn't happen. Reason #4 Credits:http://www.stanford.edu/~plomio/history.html
Trojan War Sheet
http://curiosity.discovery.com/question/did-trojan-war-take-placehttp://archive.archaeology.org/0405/etc/troy.html After Schlienmann went searching for Troy and found it archaeologists went to look for it also. When they found the spot they began looking at it size and as it turned out to be about the same size as Troy was mentioned. With the broken city and the outside it matched up to what it was in the stories. Size of Troy What was the Trojan War? and Peleus not inviting Eris, a goddess. When the goddess stormed in threw an golden apple and a prince named Paris got it because of Zeus. After Hermes was sent to Paris to see what goddess got the apple and Paris picked Aphrodite for the most beautiful woman in the world. So he sailed to Sparta and abducted King Menelaus's wife. Menelaus's demanded his wife back but he refused. Menelaus and an army went to find Troy where his wife was. When they got there they started battle and after 9 years when they almost defeated them they had to get in, so they built a huge wooden horse, Trojans brought it in. Then the Greeks inside of the horse came out and took over the city and let their men in. The Greeks Won. It started when a marriage between Thetis
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