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Untitled Prezi

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Christy Dehning

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Mrs. Fields/Mrs. Lema's class
by Mrs. Dehning Caroline- Thanks for being such a hard
working student, I will miss you! I will miss you all like CRAZY.......... You all are very special, and have many talents., yes even '
origami and duct tape creations. Keep reaching for the stars......... Nate- Do you really like Minecraft? haha Val-I love "chatting" with you! I can't believe it's my last day! even though you talk...a lot. :) and dream BIG! Gabe-I love that you have a grandma
that spoils you....have fun on your lunches
with her. :) Amelia A- I love how sweet you are...
Keep it up! Karleigh-I love that smile! Olivia- I'm going to miss hearing you laugh! Emma L- I love your love of learning new things! Johnny- Thanks for being my right hand man! I will miss hearing you say "I got this!" Damion- Don't lose that smile...or your homework. :) Ameila T.- I love how sweet you are. Never lose that. Chase- Keep up the cool origami creations..
just not during class. :) Luke- You are such a great example for the
rest of the class. Keep up the great work! Alden- I will even miss telling you to stop talking. Parker- (Another Minecraft fan) You rock! I've enjoyed teaching you. Hannah and Grace- Good luck with the "newsie"
I know it will be fabulous! Just like the two of you. Brissa- Loved that we had matching casts, I'm just glad we are BOTH back to normal. haha. Melissa- I love that you are such a good friend to everyone! Emma E- You have such a kind heart! Samuel- I love how good you are at
drawing and art. Keep it up! Brianna- Never lose that love of books...I think it's fabulous! Ryan- Keep up the good work, you rock! Mike- Glad I still get to see you outside of class! Will- I love that you are funny and have a
kind heart. Izzy- I love how sweet you are...thanks for working so hard on your groups Prezi! Zach- Thanks for always volunteering when I need someone too. You are a fantastic student! I'm not going to say "good by"....but rather,
See you soon. :) ~Mrs. Dehning
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