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justin bieber

justin bieber is the best singer in the whole world

emma bieber

on 17 August 2011

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Transcript of justin bieber

Justin Bieber !!!!!!! Justin bieber facts

Justin’s full name is Justin drew bieber.
Justin was born on the 1st of March 1994.
He was born in Canada.
His nick names were Beebs, jb, Bieb, Bieber.
His mam’s name is pallie mallete
His dad’s name is Jeremy bieber He says when he gets $1,000,000 he is going to get his mam a horse
He started dating when he was 13
His first kiss was when he was 13
His favourite TV show is small ville
His favourite video game is NBA NK His favourite drink is orange juice
His favourite colour is blue and purple
His favourite food is spaghetti
His favourite number is 6
His favourite music is R&B and pop
His favourite artist is usher, Michal Jackson, boys men and Stevie wonder His favourite soda is sprite
Justin can speak French and he
can count to 10 in German
He is claustrophobic
He prefers Macs over PC
He likes vitamin water He has a half brother and a half sisters called jaxon and jasmine
Justin is left handed
He can play the trumpet guitar piano and the drums
He dislikes ugg boots
He is a straight A student
He can get ready in 20 minuets
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