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Chanda's Secrets: Chp-16-20 Plot Analysis.

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wajiha shah

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Chanda's Secrets: Chp-16-20 Plot Analysis.

Chanda's Secrets Plot Analysis
Chapters 16-20 Plot Graph Inciting Incident Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Chapters
16-20 By: Wajiha The chapters prior to #16 mostly revolve around character history, and Sara's Funeral.

Chapters 16-20 are where the major conflicts of the story begin to develop, which is why I said they are somewhat close to the climax. Why, and what conflicts? Examples of conflicts that heavily start to build are: Esther's Health Deteriorating We learn that for the past few months, Esther has been a prostitute, so she can earn money to bring back her siblings and live with them. We also learn that Esther is at a high risk of HIV/AIDS because she does not practice safe sex. At first it assumed that her auntie and uncle beat her, but we later realize that her injuries are from "working". A old man calls Esther over to his car. Mama's Health Deteriorating Mama has been staying indoors and in bed all day due to her "headaches" Chanda, Mrs.Tafa, and Mama at Dr. Chilume's office. Mama walks around with a cane, and other people like Esther assume that she may be dying. Mama has paid a visit to Dr.Chilume's office and has been prescribed different tablets and pills Further Potential Conflicts Esther Mama The neighborhood may find out that Esther is a prostitute, and her reputation could be worsened. Esther could contract HIV/AIDS or other STI's Esther could be severely beat or injured in her 'job' Pg.101 Pg.102 Pg.102 The things Dr.Chilume prescribed may not work on Mama, because he may not even be a real doctor Pg.92 Pg.85 Chanda's and Esther's Friendship Worsening Esther insults Chanda, by asking if her mother has a will, implying that her mother is dying. Chanda, who gets extremely angry at this statement, punches Esther. Esther is pushed to the ground Chanda goes looking for Esther, and finds her at "hooker park". This upsets and embarrasses Esther. Chanda tells Esther that what Esther's doing will all be worthless if she dies from AIDS. Esther tells Chanda to go to hell. ( In order of events) The neighbourhood may begin avoiding Mama, because they may think she has AIDS Any Conflicts Resolved? In these chapters, no conflicts have been solved. Although, there is a potential solution introduced to the conflict of Mama's bad health. Dr.Chilume prescribes medicine to Mama, though, it may not be effective due to doubts about him really being a 'doctor'. Mama still may recover, because after she leaves the clinic, she cheers up and laughs at the sight of Mrs.Tafa yanking out her wedgie. but, who wouldn't laugh? Setting Minor Major The cemetery Chanda's home and garden "Hooker Park" Dr.Chilume's clinic The cemetery is where Chanda and Esther have their fight. Esther says that Chanda's Mama might need a will, and hints at the fact that she may soon die. Perhaps Chanda was even more offended by this because she was in the graveyard where her dead sister, father, brothers were buried. Chanda probably didn't want to acknowledge that her mother may be here soon, so she retaliated by hitting Esther. "Hooker Park" is a park where prostitures commonly look for clients. Chanda finds Esther here. Chanda has been best-friends with Esther since she was six years old. Growing up with her, she may have noticed that Esther was a flirt, but she always stood by her side and refused to believe any nasty rumours. Actually finding Esther in a location like "Hooker Park" probably was a large blow to Chanda. Rumours were rumours, but actually seeing Esther, in an actual prostitute location, must have been a large shock. That is the significance of this setting. Chanda's Home and Garden is where Chanda, at first, refuses to let Mrs.Tafa see Mama. Here we see how Chanda is acting more and more like an adult. Before, she would let Mrs.Tafa do what she wants. But now, on her own property, she stands up to Mrs.Tafa. The fact that it's her own house shows how Chanda can manage balancing power over Mrs.Tafa Dr.Chilume's Clinic is where Mama is prescribed medicine for her aches and pains. The significance of this setting is to show to severity of Mama's health. Before we see that she has headaches and walks with a cane, but visualizing Mama in an actual clinic tells us that her health is a lot worse than before. Atmosphere The mood of these chapters and their settings. When Chanda and Esther were in the cemetery, I would describe the mood as... Hostile Proof Pg.81 We see that as the two girls, especially Chanda, gradually get worked up to a point where it involves physical violence. I would say the mood at the "Hooker Park" setting is... Cruel Proof pg.102 Chanda acts cruelly towards Esther, and I think it's because she's disappointed in her and she finds her reasoning illogical. Esther, who feels like her best friend betrayed her, retorts to her cruelly as well. End of Plot Analysis Let's Discuss 1.Do you think Dr.Chilume's medicine will improve Mama's health, make her more sick, or not have any effect at all? 2. How do you feel about Esther's choice to become a prostitute? Do you think she may realize what Chanda has told her, and will she decide to stop?
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