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Font Ideas

No description

robert hodge

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Font Ideas

NATURE vs Knowledge vs Ignorance World of Ignorance Advantages Happiness Friends Technology -Twitter/Facebook Nature -Quality friendships Pleasure
Meaning Pleasure -Least Important -Advantages of technology Engagement -Depth of Involvement -Distractions Meaning -Ambiguous -Reliance Pleasure:
-Technology Meaning:
-Nature Engagement:
-Nature Gratefulness -Today's society is spoiled -Easy to see what there is to lose
in nature Good Samaritan -Depends on character Application to British Literature Belief in the Power of Nature That's funny because I'm talking about nature -Reliance on others in nature -Depends on Character <> Connection with nature

<> Focus on a goal Disadvantages <> Unrealistic

<> Difficult World of Knowledge Advantages <> Excitement

<> Natural Tendency

<> Here to stay Disadvantages <> Artificial

<> Societal Expectations

<> Distractions How to help? <> Learning from a world of ignorance

<> Ignoring society's social expectation Carpe Diem Live life for you. The World is Too Much With Us Lines Composed a Few Miles
Above Tintern Abbey Ozymadius Apocalyptic World No Cell Phones
No TV or video games
No Twitter,Facebook or Instagram
No Electricity
No Hot showers Changes it would bring Living near a river for water and transportation
Living in a warmer environment with less harsh winters
Agriculture and Farming for the need to produce food Interactions With Each Other Teens would have a hard time having face to face conversations.
people would have to rely on someones "word" for things Strong Society Society would have to work for what they got
Natural Selection
Strong would survive, and the weak wouldnt.
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