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Political Parties

No description

Amanda Caswell

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Political Parties

The political spectrum is the range of political views
The two main political parties fall on either side of the spectrum:
Democratic platform
are committed to producing
good jobs with good pay and benefits; pull people
out of poverty and create a stronger middle class

Republican platform
affirm both the right of an
individual to voluntarily participate in labor
organization and bargain collectively, also the right
of states to enact Right-to-work-laws
Vocabulary Bank
Political Parties-
a group of persons who seek to control government through the winning of elections and the holding of public office
Political Spectrum

the range of political views
government action based on firm allegiance to a political party
Single-Member District-
the electoral district from which one person is chosen by the voters for one electoral office

in an election the number of votes that the leading candidate obtains over the next highest candidate
-Supported by two parties.
A temporary alliance of several groups who come together to form a working majority and so to control a government.
The current office holder
Spoils system-
The process of giving offices and the other favors of government to political supporters.
all the people in a country or area who are entitled to vote in an election
The 5 Functions of Political Parties
Nominating Candidates
- major function
- parties select candidates and present them to the voters

Informing and Activating Supporters
- parties inform the people, and inspire their participation in public affairs
- campaign for candidates and discuss public issues

The Bonding Agent Function
- a political party act as " bonding agent" to ensure the good performance of its candidates and elected office holders
- if it fails to assume the responsibility, both candidates and party suffer the consequence

- congress and the state legislators are organized on part lines and they conduct much of their basis on the business of partisanship and the conduct of government

The Watchdog Function
- parties act as watchdogs over the conduct of the public business
- the party out of power attempts to convince the voters that they should " throw the rascals out"
Political Parties
Amanda Caswell,
Stephanie Rodriguez
Leila Goodfellow
Michelle Millan
Aaron Webb
How Parties are Organized at the Federal Level
Political Spectrum

Each party has a national organization — the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).
The purpose of the national committee is to organize party functions, coordinate activity with state and local committees, raise money for officeholders and state parties, advocate policy positions in the media, and provide strategic and tactical support for candidates

The objective is to teach our classmates about political parties and their functions

1. What is the most major function of the 5 Functions of Political Parties?

2. What does the "bonding agency" do?

3. What does the Democratic platform commit to?

4. Which side do the political parties fall on the spectrum?

5. Why did the Framer's oppose to political parties?

6. What are the two main political parties?

7. How do minor parties have a impact on major parties?

8. Which two roles are important to the minor parties?

9. What is the democratic and republican symbols?

10. How long have the " d + r parties" have been controlling US commerce?

The two party system that we look at the most in the United State of a American is Democratic and Republican.Only these two party have a chance of winning public office.The democratic dominate the south in 1960 before the civil war. Most of are history in the United State have been a two public party system .The winning candidate is chosen by how many votes he or she receive largest number of votes. Most people do not know that the two popular party work together so the smallest party would not have a chance of winning

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