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The Power Struggle, Following Mao's Death

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Chloe Roselander-Ginn

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of The Power Struggle, Following Mao's Death

The Power Struggle
The Gang of Four


, pushing the indefinite continuation of the Cultural Revolution.
Following the Death of Mao Zedong
Deng Xiaoping
Zhou Enlai

Committed to modernization even if this involved engaging in practices that could be seen as capitalistic, as the ultimate goal was still the achievement of communism.
On the Right:

On the Left:
Deng, supported by Zhou until his death in January, 1976.
In the Middle:
Hua Guofeng, supported by Mao, until his death in September, 1976.
Described as a

as in, "whatever Mao says, whatever Mao does..."
Key Ally:
Mao Yuanxin
Mao Zedong's nephew, who served as his liason to the Politburo. He offered to provide military support for the Gang of Four's Planned Coup.
Key Ally:
General Ye Jiangying
Offerred Deng sanctuary in Canton after he was blamed for inciting the Qingming Festival protests. Later on Ye would lead the "tie-breaking" group within the Politburo.
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