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English - a global language

No description

Hillevi Nyström

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of English - a global language

What is a global language?
- Oxford dictionary definition

- International organizations

- Diplomatic relations

- Communicate on same conditions

- Exchance cultural experiences
Is English a global language?
Pros and Cons
- World peace and unity

- Political discussions

- Wider networks

- Simplified communication

- Tourism
- Irreplaceable?

- Mandarin

- English has advantages

- More wide-spread
How many people in the world do not speak a word English?
1. 30 %
2. 50%
3. 75 %
English - a global language
- Minority languages affected

- New dialects

- Advantages and laziness

- No need for other languages
The Future
Which language has the most native speakers?
1. Spanish
2. English
3. Mandarin
How many countries have English as a official language? (Approx. 200 countries in the world)
1. 35
2. 54
3. 89
- What is a global language?

- Is English a global language?

- Pros and cons

- Future?
- 54 countries

- 80 % of all internet information

- Most commonly spoken
- Which two languages have more speakers than English?

- Name a benefit with a global language.

- Name a con with a global language

- Why has Mandarin been considered to be the next global language?

Final Questions
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