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PM Benchmarks

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Dianne Joske

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of PM Benchmarks

A Brief Overview PM BENCHMARKS The PM Benchmark Reading Assessment Resource has been designed to explicitly assess students' independent reading levels using unseen texts.
The PM Kit provides fiction and non-fiction texts.
Range from emergent levels to reading age 12. QUESTIONS???? student reads to self first silently...can the student use the visual information independently?
oral retell..student applies prior knowledge, skills and strategies to build an understanding of text as a whole, student organises their thinking, is it in sequence?
student reads to teacher, teacher completes reading record...see dvd for further information - strategies, fluency.
comprehension questions!!!! HOW DO WE DO IT? the complexity of the questions links with the students' stages of literacy development. At levels 21-30 students ability to reason as well as their knowledge of more advanced vocab. is challenged by higher order questions. IT'S THE QUALITY OF THESE QUESTIONS NOT THE QUANTITY THAT PROVIDES US WITH THE STUDENTS' LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING
At levels 25-30 the vocab. question is a powerful comprehension tool....providing opportunities to develop critical thinking skills & a deep, meaningful connection with language = a richer understanding of text. (tier-two words)
Using non-fiction & fiction gives you a greater insight into how a student can read & understand different text types...the demands of each differs. SOME IMPORTANT POINTS... retell + accuracy + comprehension =
reading age/level SUMMING UP! Pat Hathaway & Myrtle Simpson Performance Measurement WHAT IS IT?
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