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Unemployment in Canada today

What should be done in order to reduce unemployment ?

machu mari

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Unemployment in Canada today

Proof 1
Unemployment in Canada today
If Canada reduces the tax burden on the Canadians then small businesses will be able to form and therefore more jobs will be created.
If the youth of Canada is properly educated, trained and well prepared for the workplace then the unemployment rate of Canada will decrease which would be a boost for Canada’s economy.

Likewise if the older unemployed are educated with current expectations and assisted to look for jobs then the unemployment rate of Canada will go down.

Proof 2
•Over 30,000 projects were completed by reducing taxes which introduced more and more jobs
Proof 3
•Unemployment has decreased in Canada due to this economic plan which partly focused on reducing tax and the commitment of the government. The jobs in Canada was increased by 1.1 million since 2006
•After the recession that took place which caused huge unemployment Canada was able to create 610,000 net jobs after that by reducing tax rates
Proof 1
•31% of all employers report graduates are unprepared and does not meet expectations for workplace
Proof 2
•The disconnect between education , supply and workplace demands contribute to 14.2% unemployment rate in Canada
Proof 3
•40% of all new jobs are created in the skilled trades and technology
Youth Unemployment
Proof 1
•The percentage of older unemployed looking for jobs outside the community is 39% compared to 43% by the youth
Proof 2
•The probability of older unemployed accepting jobs with lower wages is 81%
Proof 3
•The chances of getting a job which meets their standard for older unemployed was 58%
Unemployment has a very drastic and negative effect on Canada’s economy. The government must therefore take drastic measures in order to decrease Canada’s unemployment rate and in turn fix our economy.
The Problem
Canada is scrutinized for having high tax rates and is considered as one of the reasons for unemployment which is why reducing it would be beneficial for the economy.
Older people have outdated technological experience and expectations and are unable to keep up with the current standard which is why helping them would also reduce unemployment.
Youths are new to the working world and is the future of a country which is why it is necessary to protect them by giving them proper experience for a job and also helping them get a job
Without being able to pay the high tax rate that Canada has many small business are forced to shut down and this causes huge increase in unemployment. Youths are not getting enough hands on experience in university which is why youth unemployment is still high. Finally older people are not able to keep up with today’s technological advancements and so help is needed for them to be employed as well.
So whats happening again.
Canada can improve its unemployment rate significantly by properly analyzing deep into the current issues it’s facing and revamping current standards that everyone is being entitled to which in turn would also be an excellent boost for the economy
Every individual in this world has a dream of living a good life. In order to live a good life, a job is necessary. Although everyone in this world is not fortunate enough to get a job. Unemployment is a very serious issue affecting Canadians and this is a very big headache for the government to solve. In order to solve unemployment the government should help Canadians
What is unemployment ?
Unemployment occurs when people are unable to find a job even though they are experienced enough and are actively seeking a job.
The part Canada played in its mission to improve this economy was significant. Canada’s economy is dependent on itself and so Canada has to maintain taking proper steps for unemployment to stay in low level. The part played by Canada to improve its economy has proved to be very effective and if this continues one day we can build Canada with no unemployment
Argument 2
Argument 3

In total, based on the most recent reports received, 30,200 projects have been completed with support from Canada's Economic Action Plan which also focuses on reducing tax, since January 2009. These included:

Roughly 7,500 provincial, territorial and municipal infrastructure projects, including almost 4,000 Infrastructure Stimulus Fund projects and over 1,900 Recreational Infrastructure Canada projects.
Over 500 projects to improve infrastructure at colleges and universities across the country.
258 projects to improve small craft harbours.
Over 1,850 projects to assist communities hardest hit by the recession through the Community Adjustment Fund.
147 cultural infrastructure projects.
Over 200 projects to upgrade facilities at National Parks and National Historic Sites.
249 projects to modernize federal laboratories.
Roughly 1,800 projects to renovate and repair federal buildings.
Over 300 projects to enhance the accessibility of Crown-owned buildings for persons with disabilities.
97 First Nations infrastructure projects.
An estimated 16,500 social housing and First Nations housing projects.
Over 30,000 Projects Have Been Completed
But no one is available to work in skilled trade
"What we found, was that there are a set of qualities, characteristics that these people would like to see in new college graduates," says David Polk, a York College professor. "Unfortunately, they tend to be lacking."

Those qualities include the ability to communicate and listen respectfully, motivation to finish a task and attention to appearance.
(The Huffington Post)
For the majority of youth, unemployment is a transitory state between school and the labor market
Education systems like universities do a really good job of giving students professional degrees but do a poor job of providing a transition environment for future professionals to adapt to their work environments.
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