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Hypnos: Greek God of sleep

No description

Tofi Adegbite

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Hypnos: Greek God of sleep

Interesting Story
Special Talents and Weaknesses
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Hypnos was the son of Nyx and Erebus. He was also the twin brother of Thanatos. His wife, Pasithea, was the youngest of The Graces; together they had three children, known as the Oneiroi, Morpheus, Phobeter, and Phantasos.

During the Trojan War, Troy's side were losing so Hera wanted to help them but first she had to make Zeus fall asleep . She then asked Hypnos to put him to sleep, but he refused. She bribed him with many things and he still said no. She then told him she would give him Pasithea as his wife because she knew he had loved her. He agreed to that and he made Hera swear on the river Styx so that she wouldn't fall back on her promise. Hypnos did his job and zeus had never found out.
This was not the first time Hypnos made a sleeping spell on Zeus and both times Hera was involved.
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Hypnos' special talents is that he can shape-shift into anything he wants to be
His weakness is the sun. He is never really out much in the daylight. Another weakness of his, is that he sleeps a lot so he is one of the laziest gods.
More About Hypnos
His Roman name is Somnus
His symbol is the Poppy flower
the word "hypnosis" is derived from his Greek name
the word "insomnia" is derived from his Roman name
Lives In
Hypnos lived in a cave next to his brother in the Underworld. At the front of his cave he had hypnotic plants and poppies. He did not have any gates in the entrance because the creaking of them would disturb his sleep.
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Greek God of sleep By: Tofi Adegbite
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