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Hero's Journey


Aaron Wald

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Hero's Journey

Thor's Hero Journey Stage 1: Ordinary World:
Thor is on his home planet with his dad and brother. Stage 2: Call to Adventure:
Thor's dad is about to crown him king but the ceremony is interupted Stage 3: Refusal of the call:
Thor is angered when his father refuses to attack the world that interupted the ceremony. He attacks anyway. Stage 4: Crossing the threshold:
Thor is banished to Earth because
of his actions. He is not crowned as king. Stage 5: Meeting the Mentor:
Meets Jane when she hits him with a
car. Stage 6: Tests, Allies and Enemies:
Meets the Feds. He tries to
pick up the hammer, but he can't. Stage 7:Approach the Inmost Cave:
The giant robot comes to Earth and Thor gets his hammer back. He destroys the robot. Stage 8: Supreme Ordeal:
Thor returns to his planet and fights
his brother and destroys the portal. Stage 9: Reward:
Saves the planet his brother was going to
destroy. Prevents war. Loses his brother and Jane in the process. Stage 10: Resurrection:
Thor's dad comes out of his stress
induced coma and Thor realizes he has a
lot to learn before he becomes king. Stage 11: Return:
The Gatekeeper tells Thor that
Jane is searching for him after the portal closed.
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