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Troublesome Words

No description

Priscilla James

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Troublesome Words

Troublesome Words SPI 0701.1.9 Recognize usage errors occurring within context (i.e.
double negatives, troublesome word pairs: to/two/too, their/there/they’re,
its/it’s, sit/set, lie/lay, affect/effect, leave/let, may/can, teach/learn,
accept/except, capitol/capital, principle/principal, between/among,
rise/raise, stationary/stationery Sit vs Set Stationary vs Stationery Rise verb- to cause change Noun- the result of the change Affect Effect vs. Capital vs. Capitol Principal a chief or head, especially of
a school an accepted or professed rule of
action or conduct action a person or animal does by itself action that a person does to an object You set plates
on a table. You sit on a chair. the city or town that is the official seat of
government in a country, state, a building occupied by
a state legislature. person does by
himself or herself vs. Raise action completed
with help of person The sun rises in the east. Created by:
Priscilla James vs. Principle The firefighters raise the flag. Principals are our pals. TN state capitol building A rule to live by
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