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1.1 Unit 24: Physical Education and the Care of Children and Young People - Introduction

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Ryan Farrow

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of 1.1 Unit 24: Physical Education and the Care of Children and Young People - Introduction

Unit 24 - Physical Education and the Care of
Children and Young People

Trip down Memory Lane....
As the pictures flick through note down your experience and memories of PE from when you were at school.
Learning outcomes
By the of this lesson you should:
Understand what unit 24 is all about
Be able to define the term
Physical Education
Know why PE is a subject
Understand the history of PE in the UK
What is Physical Education
Write does the term physical education mean to you ?
Physical Education is an educational course related to the physical aspect of the human body.
1) Physical activity and health

Physical Education is a compulsory activity in the national curriculum
Compulsory PE is taught between the ages of 5-16
PE lessons include a variety of activities
games, gymnastics, athletics, swimming and racket sports.
Pupils work as both individuals and members of team.
2) Physical activity and academic achievement
3) Why don't students get
enough PE
4) What can parents do to help
What is the need for PE in Schools
activity 2
activity 1
activity 4
What is the need for PE in Schools
1) Write one reason why pupils should take part in PE
2) On the next piece of paper write another
3) And a
third reason
4) Keep adding reasons until you get your paper back
activity 5
activity 3
What do you enjoy the most ?
The statistics
Stats show that both

require more PA.
aged between 2 and 15 are obese
As technology grows, we tend to be lazier......
(couch potato)
Exercise can help prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss.
Physical activity is related to
higher levels
self esteem
lower levels of anxiety and stress
each of which has been associated with
enhanced academic performance.
activity 6
Look for everything that you feel is wrong with how PE was in the 1960s
What PE used to be like....
Checking for Learning
Now after this lesson on your second post it note write down what PE means to you again
activity 7
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