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Bicol Myth

No description

Lilian Coie

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Bicol Myth

Languit Tubigan Dagat Paros Bitoon Daga Aldao Bulan Languit Tubigan Dagat Paros Bitoon Daga Aldao Bulan DEAD DEAD Celestial Creation Myth Lilian Coie Bascom's Myth Bikol Culture Esteemed family values --> China In awe of the celestial world Polytheistic--> India Serve a purpose Answers questions Provides cultural information General guidance Dundes' Syntagmatic Approach Extremely respectful to the elderly Lack (2) ---> Power
Lack Liquidated ---> Passive
Interdiction ---> Cultural
Violation ---> Attack
Attempted Escape ---> Light
Lack (1) --> Universe Liquidated --> Death THANKS
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