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Teen Wolf

No description

Ca'Terria Williams

on 27 December 2013

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Transcript of Teen Wolf

Lydia Martin
She is known to be the most beautiful girl in the school
She dated Jackson
She is very smart
Peter was able to use her in order to bring him back from the dead
She Screams a lot
In season three we finally found out what she was ...a Banshee
Peter Hale
He is Derek's uncle
He was an alpha in the first season
He was killed in the first season
He used Lydia to come back from the dead in the second season
He didn't do much in the third season because he was still weak.
At the end of the third season he killed Jennifer
Scott McCall
He was bitten by Peter when the show first came on
His parents are divorced
His best friend is Stiles
He fell in love with a girl named Allison Argent.
He not a beta, he is a "True Alpha."
He became the captain of the lacrosse team
Stiles Stilinski
Stiles is Scott's best friend
He is not a werewolf
His dad is the Sheriff
He lost his mom when he was little.
He has had the biggest crush on Lydia Martin
He is on the lacrosse team
Isaac Lahey
When Isaac was introduce to Teen Wolf, he was working at his job digging graves (It was Kate Argent's gave). When he fell into the grave,and Derek helped him out.
He accepted the bite from Derek (He became Derek's beta)
He has an abuses father (his father was killed by Jackson when Jackson was the kanima.)
He is on the lacrosse team
Derek Hale
He lost all of his family in a fire except his uncle, older sister(she is killed at the beginning of the show,we didn't get to know her),and his younger sister which he thought was dead but found alive in the third season.
He killed his uncle so he could become alpha
He turned Isaac, Erica, and Boyd into his betas.
Allison Argent
She comes from a family that hunts (Wolfs)
She moved to Beacon Hills in the first season
Her mom died in the second season (more details on her death later on )
She dated Scott McCall
Her friend is Lydia Martin
Teen Wolf
Chris Argent
He is the father of Allison
He WAS a wolf hunter before he and Allison knew Scott was a wolf
He was there when his wife killed herself. She had to kill her self because Derek bit her. Derek bit her because he was trying to save Scott from her. So the hunters' code is that if you get bite by a wolf, you have to kill yourself in order not to turn to a wolf.
The Rest of Allison's Family
He is completely evil
Wanted to become wolf because he had cancer, but Scott put mountain ash in his pills so he almost died when he forced Derek to bite him.
He is played by Michael Hogan
Victoria Argent
Allison's mom
Tried to kill Scott
Derek bite her, so she killed herself
Victoria is played by Eaddy Mays
Gerard Argent
He is still alive
She is dead
She is dead
Kate Argent
Allison's aunt
She dated Derek
She was the one who started the fire that killed most of the Hale family
Peter killed her in the first season
Kate is played by Jill Wagner
The Rest of Derek's Pack
Vernon Boyd
He accepted the bite from Derek because he was tired of being lonely(eating lunch alone)
People called him by his last name (Boyd)
He died during a fight
His friend was Erica
Erica Reyes
She accepted the bite from Derek because she wanted to get rid of her illness
She was killed
Her friend was Boyd
Cora Hale
She is Derek's younger sister
She was found in the bank's safe with Boyd
Derek was surprised to see her because he thought she was dead.
Derek gave her the alpha power because she was sick and she she could have died
This Video is about Erica and Boyd
Charlie Carver
Max Carver
Danny Māhealani
Keahu Kahuanui
Plays on the lacrosse team
He is dating Ethan in the third season
He is good with technology
He was part of the alpha pack
He dates Danny
He and his twin brother is part of the alpha pack and they join together to make one big alpha
He likes Lydia
Dr. Deaton
Alan Deaton
He is a veterinarian/Druid Emissary
He helps Scott and his friend with supernatural things
And we can not forget that he has helped a lot of animals (werewolves)
Dr. Deaton is played by Seth Gilliam
Chris is played by JR Bourne
Peter is played by Ian Bohen
Scott is played by Tyler Posey
Stiles is played by Dylan O'Brien
Allison is played by Crystal Reed
Lydia is played by Holland Roden
Isaac is played by Daniel Sharman
Derek is played by Tyler Hoechlin
Boyd is played by Sinqua Walls
Cora is played by Adelaide Kane
Erica is played by Gage Golightly
Melissa McCall
Melissa is played by Melissa Ponzio
She is Scott's mom
She is a nurse
She is a single parent
She found out that Scott was a wolf in the second season
John Stilinski
Sheriff Stilinaki is played by Linden Ashby
He is Stiles' father
He is the Sheriff of Beacon Hills
His wife is died
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