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Career Shadowing


Tyler Parker

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Cc c cCa c cacdcdcsdcdcdcdcd zx Career Shadowing
The purpose of this company The purpose of this company is to
help make real eastate invesments. Where will this company be in 15 years? If the cards are played right, the company will be huge. If not, then all of the workers will be fired and everything will start over. What skills are needed for this job? If you want to get this job, you will need to have well communication skills, people skills, and knowlege with money. (Mentor questions) Career Shadowing
(Reflection essays) What technology is used in this job? Technology mostly used here include: email, textmail, cell phone, laptops, other communication devices, and a car. Would I pursue a job with this compmay? With this company? Yes I would. But not as a valuation manager. The job is mostly doing paper work at you house. If I was going to get a job here, I would be an agent or something so I won't have to sit still all day. What do I dislike about this job? The idea that all I would do is paperwork.
There is paperwork here, there, and when you
are done you head up to the office and get more. What do I like about this job? You would hardly ever have to leave home. The only time you would have to is to head out to the office. It would be nice to work from home, but not with paper work. Valuation Manager
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