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Veronica Sanchez

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of china

Country Information
China is known for The Great Wall Of China
Covering 3.705 Million Sq. Miles China is located in East Asia with grasslands, deserts, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers and 14,500 km of coastline.

Verbal Greeting and Business Etiquette
Religion, Family,Traditions and Beliefs
Common Foods
Weddings and Deaths
Capitol: Beijing
Largest City: Shanghai
Population: 1.357 Billion (2013)
Mandarin is Bejing dialect
It is considered one of the varieties of the chinese language
It is the most spoken
Chinese charecters are used for literature speakers
China is (CST) Standard Time. Timezone also used in Asia
8 hours ahead of (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time
China is 15 hours ahead of Stockton, CA.
1 US dollar = 6.38 Chinese Yuan (Renminbi)
Men: Conservative suits, shirts and ties. No loud colors.
Women: Conservative suits, high neck blouses and low heels. Color neutral
Business Etiquette:
Titles are very important and it is best to always say them when introducing someone
Also always greet the senior person first
Verbal Greetings:
Good Morning:

Good Evening:
How to eat:
Attempting to eat with chopsticks is much appreciated
Toasting is popular in China
No business decision will be made in the meeting
Make sure to have a translator and proper material ready in English and in Mandarin.
Red is the dominant color at a Chinese Wedding.
Red is the symbol of joy.
During the ceromony the bride and groom pay their respects by kneeling three times, they kneel to the heaven and earth, to their parents, and then to each other. A tea ceremony follows, in which the bride & groom serves tea to their families.
Suitable colors to wear to a chinese wedding are peach, pink and purple, as these represent new life and happiness. Black and white should be avoided; these colors are symbolic of funerals and sadness.
The lion dance is one of the most famous Chinese cultural traditions.
This famous dance is held during festivals when opening a new company and is believed to bring good luck and prosperity.
When the dance begins lettuce and celery are hung on the doorway of the new company, and lucky money is hung on the lettuce meaning the pay for the lions dance.
Chinese New Year also known as the Spring Festival is a 15-day tradition
to the chinese it means a new beginning and starts on the second new moon and ending on the full moon which is in fifteen days.
the famous chinese dragon performs during the parade that they do as part of the celebration during the Chinese New Year.

The most practiced religion in China is Buddhism.
Confucianism is the soul of the the Chinese culture, but it is not a real religion, is just an ethical and philosophical system.
Chinese hold family bonds as sacred and honor them.
With everything changing, the Chinese family face many challenges threatening their traditional stability.
Unique fact of the chinese family is the one child policy which was enforced to control the rapid growth and the draining of the natural resources.
Preparations for a funeral start when a person is gravely ill.
The traditional belief is that the more elaborate and expensive the funeral, the more honor that is given to the deceased and to the family.
Those attending a Chinese funeral are expected to make a donation to the family as a sign of respect and to help with the cost of the funeral (should be given in a white envelope)..
“Thank you”, is not seen as an appropriate phrase to be used in an event related to death
Sweet and Sour Pork
Gong Bao Chicken
Foods To Avoid
Traditional Chinese Coffin
Funeral Clothing
In Stockton this ethnic group makes up a population of 98,472
14% are chinese
They fall under the asian category
By: Alberto Gomez
Cynthia Guerrero
Suleima Morales
Kristina Nails
Veronica Sanchez
Ana Soria

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