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Southeast Asia

No description

Morgan Smith

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Southeast Asia

Monsoon Asia
Monsoon Asia
(Southeast Asia)
Monsoon Asia, more commonly known as Southeast Asia, is mostly tropical climates and has plentiful rain year round.
29,035 feet tall
More than five miles high
Located in Nepal in Himalaya mountains
Named "Everest" for a British official in India
In Nepal, it is known as "Sagarmatha" meaning "forehead in the sky"
In Tibet, it is known as "Chomolungma" meaning "mother of the world"
Since 1953, more than 2,500 people have tried to climb it, more than 200 have died
Spring time is the best time to climb it
Drops 3.5*F every 1,000 feet
People misuse the mountain
Average cost for a trip for one person is $38,000
Environmental Issues
Urban Excess
Global Warming
Air Pollution
World Issues 360
Wikipedia Abu-Sayyaf
"Rural Poverty Portal." Rural Poverty Portal. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Sept. 2014.
Geography Alive
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Thank you!
Social Issues
In Southeast Asia
Over crowding
China: Lack of education, child labor and migrant workers
Pakistan: low literacy levels, lack of education and high rising population
Import costs
Leaps in oil and food prices
High divorce rates
China: Printing excessive amounts of paper money
Japan: Fathers absent in a child's life
Of Knowledge
Wealth is uneven
Natural Disasters
More jobs
Terrorism in Southeast Asia
Major problem
Supported by al-queda
Urban Excess
Urban Excess
-Nearly 75% of Southeast Asia's forests are bulldozed.
Global Warming & Air Pollution
Urban Excess
Over crowding
Industrial factories
Still growing more in urban areas
Urban population has grown from 27% (1980) to 38% (2000)
Estimated to rise up to 50% by 2020
Best solution would be to spread out into rural areas
More than a third of the arable land is at risk of deforestation
About 75% of SE Asia's forests have been destroyed at the annual loss rate the size of Switzerland
Forests lost from profit and not keeping up with it
Use timber, oil, mineral resources to support the government
Poor farmers use improper irrigation systems which makes soil and crops to grow in toxic soils and end up salinity
Traps the gasses of cars, factories, etc in the atmosphere
Carbon dioxide is accountable for more than half of the warming effect
The people of Asia suffer from sulfur dioxide causing 175,000 premature deaths
Air pollution will turn to acid rain of some sort- transfers to other parts
Acidic rain deteriorates buildings and degrades environment
Very limited safe drinking water
Clean water is often ruined by untreated water flowing into it
Fish rate has dropped 40% in the past ten years
Everyday in Hong Kong, about one million tons of sewage and industrial effluent pour into the ocean untreated (volume of 500 Olympic swimming pools)
Mount Everest
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