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The Power of Twitter

A Presentation Why and How to Leverage the Power of Social Media

Mark Greene

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of The Power of Twitter

Social media
allows ideas to jump across religious, cultural, racial and economic barriers.

Anyone in your growing social network can choose to
share/promote your ideas

with anyone in their networks and so on, and so on, and so on...
The Power of

A presentation on
to leverage
the power of Twitter
and other social media.

What makes
social media so powerful?
Social media allows you access to the
robust, non-linear connectivity

of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, MySpace, and others.
Twitter is
700 million users

As you grow your "followers" or "friends" you are building your
online social capital.

Think of it as a
social 401K;
a diverse group of people
who have chosen to follow you

and are therefore open to sharing and exchanging ideas.
One of the most powerful social networks is
What is a tweet?
A Tweet is

short text message
which is limited to 140 characters.
Tweets are
Social | Fluid | Engagement
When composing tweets
we recommend adopting the
1/3, 1/3, 1/3

of your tweets can be self promotion
Should promote others' ideas
Should be directed at others to create social connections.
"Tweet what you want
the world to



Other user's
Profile Info

Learn about others via their
Post your

You Clicked on the

Compose Your

Action Steps
Set up your Twitter Account
Create your Twitter bio
Get comfortable with Twitter
Schedule regular Tweets - consistency is important to creating followers
Have fun!
And when in doubt...

Social networkers refer to building your social network as
"creating intentional luck".
Twitter users represent
every social, economic, religious, professional and cultural demographic in the world.

Twitter is a window on the world.

Social networks
continue to play a central role
in political uprisings around the world.

This is an example of
powerful ideas migrating.
Tweets point the way to
articles, stories, photos, courses of action, revolutions in thought, conceptual bridges, communities,
individual human moments.
How do you get started
on Twitter?

Let's take a brief look at a sample
Twitter account. This
the account I use to promote my writing for the Good Men Project.
These are people who
mention you directly
in their tweets
This takes you to all tweets that
include #peacebuilding
non-linear connectivity
means your ideas
can jump


diverse new groups of people
you wouldn't be able to access through your non-social media networks.
We're going to click here to go to the profile page
Tweets from people I am following
Your tweets,
& retweets
People you may want to follow
Edit your profile
Next, we click here to see this users profile info
This user retweeted
our tweet!
Note: "@megasahd" is why these tweets appear on my Connect Page
They retweeted us to 3,143 followers!
Here is my
Here is a
trending on Twitter
Next, we click here to go to the connect
Two powerful tools in a tweet are "@" and "#" symbols.
@ directs the tweet at a specific Twitter user,
#(hashtag) adds the tweet to a trending topic.
Note the use of @Taosinstitute
and #peacebuilding
within the actual tweet sentence.
Your newest tweet appears at the top of your profile page.
Its best to place URL first.
Next we click on #peacebuilding
to see all
tweets worldwide.
Click on username to learn about or follow others who are posting about #peacebuilding.
Like what you see? Follow this user by clicking here!
This Prezi Presentation was created by
Mark Greene
at ThinkPlay Partners.

For social media consulting and a wide range of other design services, contact us in New York City at
(646) 580-2292
or email us at mrkgreene@gmail.com
But a
is much more
than the sum of its parts.
Tweets are

ideas, passions, aspirations, and events.
We are already following this user.
Hint: Tweet Patrick Stewart:
(He might tweet back.)

are user friendly.
Unlike email, they are not viewed as intrusive, over long, or time consuming to parse.
Two years ago, I connected with the Good Men Project via
They invited me to move my personal blog to their site.
In November, I wrote an article about the lack of platonic male touch for the
Good Men Project.
I activated my
social media partnerships
to promote the article.

My article was shared. A lot.
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