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Claude Monet

No description

Nate Garrison

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Claude Monet

Claude Monet What was he famous for? 1840-1926 Claude Monet was a founder and central figure of the 19th century art movement known as Impressionism. What was his most famous painting? Claude's most famous painting was "Waterlillies." What is Impressionism? Monet decided to become an artist rather than work for his father at their family grocery store. Impressionism is small, thin,visible brush strokes, changing light qualities, and unusual visual angles in painting. He ate four men. Why were the thing he did remarkable? He had trouble in school as a young child as most of the time he worked on art. What obstacles did he face? Death of his mother lost most of his eyesight and still painted while blind first wife Camille pasted away in 1882 second wife Alice pasted away Born November 14, 1840 Then died on December 5, 1926 Same paintings but at different times of the day. This is how Claude did impressionism. One of the best artist's that has ever lived Impressionism is still used today in paintings Reflection Claude monet should be remembered for his invention of impressionism. He should also be remembered for some of the obstacles he had to face especially blindness. Monet is sought to be one of the best artist's ever. He is also one of the greatest influential painters of all times as he showed the world impressionism. Why should we know him today? http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_i5URTKUa0us/TLvKcQF9WlI/AAAAAAAAAAw/dQLwUqtzc3E/s1600/claude+monet.jpg http://www.abcgallery.com/M/monet/monet1a.jpg http://www.paintinghere.com/UploadPic/Claude%20Monet/big/Water-Lilies%201914.jpg http://images.hellokids.com/img/le-peintre-claude-monet-29306.jpg http://www.paintinghere.com/UploadPic/Claude%20Monet/big/Venice%20Twilight.jpg http://art-design.missouristate.edu/animation_drop/399SP10/Drewitz/Influences/monet_rouen_am%5B1%5D%20copy.jpg http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/claude-monet-paintings-1889-1894-4.jpg http://www.artinthepicture.com/artists/Claude_Monet/impression_sunrise.jpeg http://www.stewardcoaching.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/impressionism2.s600x600.jpg Websites I used http://www.triada.bg/Gallery/Monet/Monetbio.htm http://giverny.org/monet/welcome.htm http://www.intermonet.com/biograph/autobigb.htm He tried to commit suicide http://simile.mit.edu/timeline/examples/monet/monet.html Pictures
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