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Modal verbs

No description

Susana Jesus

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Modal verbs

Today we are going to learn how to talk about rules / classroom language or instructions. In order to do that I will talk about "modal verbs." But first... Talking about rules/instructions in your school Rule... Do you know what a rule is? Modal verbs Do you know any? Modal verbs are auxiliary verbs. They don't need the "s" in the third person singular. Here are some examples... It is an instruction or an accepted principle that tells you what you are allowed or aren't allowed to do. To talk about some rules/instructions we are going to use the "modal verbs". Can you help
me, please? Can I come in? You mustn't use your mobile phone in class. She can speak English very well. Can you close the door, please? can may Saber, ser capaz de, poder (permission) (request) (ability) (request) poder (permission) May I go out now? Yes, you may. could poder (mas no passado) He could read
when he was three. (ability - in the past) Could I use that
computer, please? (permission - more formal than can) Could you open
the door, please? (request - more formal than can) must ter de... (obligation) You must arrive on time. I must leave now. I'm getting tired. (necessity) mustn't não poder
(é proibido) (prohibition) should dever Students should study harder if they want better marks. (advice) You shouldn't eat so many sweets. It's bad for your health. (advice)
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