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History II

No description

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of History II

Return of: The Cult of Domesticity
Cult of Domesticity - also referred to as The Cult of True Womanhood,
originally developed in 1820-1860
the idea that women were designed exclusively for the roles of wife and mother and their “sphere,” or domain of influence, was confined completely to the home.
the true woman would take on the obligations of housekeeping, raising good children, and making her family’s home a haven of health, happiness, and virtue.
Godey's Lady's Book
The Cult comes to an end
Or does it...
America bounces back
The Cult of True Womanhood returns
Use of advertising put the pressure back on women to stay home
Suggested that women were more content running the home rather than working
May 1955 -
Housekeeping Monthly
ran an article called "The Good Wife's Guide"
Have dinner ready. This is a way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about his needs.
Touch up your make-up, put a ribbon in your hair and Be happy to see him. Be loving and attentive. He's had a hard day.
A good wife knows her place.
Women Fighting Back
Barbara Welter - wrote that women were "hostages in their home"
Betty Friedan - "The Feminine Mystique"
the end...but not really
By: Crystal Contreras
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