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Marketing Plan for an English School

No description

Kasia Graniczewska

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Plan for an English School

LinguaLand English School
Marketing Plan

SWOT analysis
The Marketing Plan
1. LinguaLand target groups:
parents (enrolling children)
young adults preparing for exams
adults (enrolling themselves)
The importance of English in the world
an international language - a great number of people in many countries in the world use it for communication
opens one's options for studying or working abroad
plays a vital role in the future development of every country
The Strategic Marketing Planning – internal and external analysis
Rapid development of the Polish market of language schools

worldwide trend of studying English
economic factors
Polish membership in the international organisations, e.g. World Trade Organisation or European Union
open borders and opportunities for working or studying abroad
Courses divided by
(CEFR A1-C2) and
New groups section
Young Adults
Mature Learners

Classes 2x a week
Children 2x 60min.
Youth and Adults 2x 90min.

Marketing materials and social media plan
the marketing materials in LinguaLand include:
Newspaper ads
Website and facebook page
Business cards for the funders/CEOs
Internal situation
Founded in
- one of the oldest English schools in Poland
partner of
(Evaluation & Accreditation of Quality in Language Services) and
(Polish Association for Standards in English)
Courses for all language levels
Groups divided by level and age
Business English courses
Individual lessons ("1-2-1")
Cambridge exams
Localization - city center

The Market Situation in Krakow
big competition
over 50 language schools
Customer situation
6 types of customers:
children, age 4-16 (enrolled by parents)
high school youth preparing for MATURA exams
adults attending General English courses
students preparing for Cambridge exams
mature learners (50+)
companies and individual clients
Competitors' situation
Two types of competitors:

Schools specializing in English
British Council
Schools with a broad language offer
Profi-Lingua (biggest number of students)
2. LinguaLand marketing strategy - to be the best learning option in Krakow
New core branding elements:
3. Marketing Objectives
LinguaLand to be the leading English school in Krakow.
LinguaLand customers are the main market players, therefore all the strategies of the school should satisfy their needs.
After rebranding
expanded by:
Business cards for teachers
Direct mail to students/parents
Setting a twitter account
Using Mini Cooper owned by the school as a “traveling advertisement”
School’s new, improved website should be including:
Homepage and Basic information about the school
The School's Guarantee
The method of teaching (comunication/conversations)
The profile of the founder
School History in decades
Testimonials of past students
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (not answered elsewhere)
A portal with details on the classes dedicated to the enrolled students, easy to download class materials, lessons timetable, location, announcements from the teacher
A free placement test – helps a student to define his level before he sets up a meeting with one of the school’s high qualified methodologists
Enrollment page (series of forms to complete to enroll and set up an account)
Contact information for additional questions
Web Plan
Referrals system
A systematic referral plan
(a system of discounts)

Discounts for continuation
and early booking
5% discount for every new school year (up to 20%)
The promotional items
Pens, pencils, stickers with the school logo
Joint ventures
Cooperation with local businesses
The budget
The projected cost of promotional materials

The staff’s and teachers’ pension

The final revenue and profit
Metrics and implementation
New delegation of duties, new responsibilities:
daily report of the school progress

contact with students via Facebook

daily report of promotion results
Product/service innovation
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