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Tide to Go

Rebranding of Tide to Go to increase sales in a younger target market

Mariah Fleck

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of Tide to Go

to Go Tide: The product: -instant stain remover
-travels easily to stop stains on the spot
-to use press the tip of the pen onto the stain several times to realease the stain remover solution
-has many competitive advantages
-convenient packaging
-fast results
-bring anywhere with compact size
-few disadvantages
-limiting effect on larger stains -available in single packs, 3 packs, and 5 packs
-suggested price of $2.99, $6.99, and $8.99
-when rebranded the price would remain the same
-coupons would be introduced when sponsors attend events increasing sales.
-once sales increase the price would slowly get higher as it became in high demand to consumers. Price: Place Past promotional ideas: Some of the past promotional ideas Tide has used in their marketing strategy were the following:

-Yearly Draws (enter to win a year of tide)
-Tide T-shirts for sale
- Creative humour picture advertisements
-Tide To Go's online sampling push, presented as an online sweeps, asks consumers to enter online at Tide.com
-a random-draw will award a Tide To Go pen to each of 10,000 winners.
-Tide goes even more mobile with Martha Stewart's apprentices
-an essay contest with Woman's Day magazine that garnered 1,500 entries and awarded a grand-prize trip to Hilton Head, SC. Viral Marketing -create a Facebook page promoting the product and sponsors
-allows facebook users to 'like' the page and post their feedback and thoughts about the product
-also informs fans of any contests or promotions happening Competition Promotion -MTV
-Jersey Shore
-Whirlpool Potential Sponsors & Spokesperson Strengths-Tide to Go using the cast of Jersey Shore opens up another door to a new market that Tide had no yet explored. Pushing the target market to a younger age group will allow the company to grow significantly due to the great exposure the endorsements are giving off to the public.

Weaknesses- Tide to Go may become very popular, and become in high demand with all the exposure from the spokesmen. But as the show will decline in viewers in a short amount of time as all the shows once do, the product’s popularity will to. The constant advertisement of the product will not be so consistant bringing sales down to what they potentially could be.

Threats-Tide to Go faces threats as all products do in the market. As other laundry companies may follow the same path and choose a popular, hip show that younger customers may buy into as Tide did. Tide should take advantage of the positive situation they’re in while they can, leaving the other companies behind in sales.

Opportunities-Tide to Go has the opportunity to expand there target market to new countries that find an interest in the spokesmen. Consumers the company may not of touched on if the they had not picked up the Jersey Shore cast to sell the product. Making the campaign worthwhile, and productive. - Swot Analysis -Tide to Go is in the growth stage of the product life cycle
-Tide to Go is a simple and easy way to fix annoying stains -Tide to Go is cheap solution
-once the product is targeted to a younger market the product will reach the maturity stage of the product life cycle
-the trend of Tide to Go will spread through word of mouth Product Life Cycle -product will be sold in any convenient store, grocery store, and in many laundry mats
-MTV studio will host shows promoting Tide to Go's sponsor, Jersey Shore.
-more products will be sold where "Jersey Shore" the show has a stronger fan-base.
-a major advertising idea will be the internet, by creating a facebook and myspace page promoting the product and sponsor.
-Tide to Go will be expanded to many more countries offering more sales and greater revenue. -has a lot of competition
-leading brand of laundry detergent
-competition consists of Downy, Snuggle, Bounce, Gain, Cheer, Clorex, and Purex
-essentially and laundry detergent that appeals to a younger audience who are eager to do laundry is a threat toTide Thank you for listening, this concludes our CPT presentation. -potential promotional ideas include guerrilla marketing, a facebook page, and a contest
-guerrilla marketing consists of people scattered in an area of a higher population wearing shirts full of mud
-the Tide to Go stick will be used to write 'Tide to Go' clearly on the shirt, exaggerating the cleaness of the stick
-the facebook page is a viral way to promote the product
-customers and fans are internationally able to view the page
-the contest will attract people all over the world, and increase sales
- if you get a Tide to Go stick with Italian flag on it, you get the chance to meet the cast of the jersey shore Tide is a brand-name of a popular laundry detergent manufactured by Proctor & Gamble and first introduced to the United States consumer in 1946. It was originally in the form of a white powdered bead, the Tide detergents line was later expanded to liquids. And now most recently a ‘magic marker’ taking stains out of clothing instantly, the Tide to Go stick.
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