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Beautiful Darkness

i book i read lol jk A story about Ethan a boy who's in love with Lena, a Caster. They go through many misfortunes and try to make everything right. 2nd in a series by Margaret Stohl & Kami Garcia

Zoie Severa

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Beautiful Darkness

Beautiful Darkness Lena Ethan Link Marian Liv Gatlin, South Carolina Ravenwood Manor The library Mortals Casters Waywards Incubuses Good Evil Good casters have green eyes, while bad casters have golden eyes. Lena's eyes switch back and forth. Symbols Exile The fair Marian's assistance, also a Keeper. She joins Ethan and Link. Ridley is Lena's cousin. She is a Dark Caster and her power is Siren. She's trying to tempt Lena to the Dark side. Ethan's best friend, and has only recently found out about Casters. He had a past romance with Ridley Ethan is in love with Lena, and is trying to help her to the Good side, but she's been acting out lately. The book's from his POV. Ethan's girlfriend, and she's a Caster. She's emotionally lost since the death of someone close to her and is acting strangly, can Ethan bring her back? She's the Keeper. Of librarys of course, but not just librarys. Also of secrets and a special underground library. The Lunae Libri. Mortals don't know anything about Casters or the Magik world.
Link,Liv and Marian are mortals Caster are rare, and there are different kinds, such as Narturals, Sirens, Palimpsests, Thaumaturge and more. Lena and Ridley are Casters Incubuses are closely related to demons that feast on dreams or blood of humans. Waywards are extremely rare,the only come along ever 2000 years or so to guide a Caster that has an important destiny. The moon is a common symbol, it is woven throughout the entire book, showing up as a key, a birthmark, and in many other places. Wind is used to show when some one is using a Cast or Magik This is Lena's necklace, it's a bunch of little charms that hold precious memories to her. Eyes are used to show what type of Caster or Incubus. Ridley Characters Beautiful Darkness is the 2nd book in the series, Beautiful Creatures is the 1st and Beautiful Chaos will be the 3rd when it comes out in October 2011. Vex Seer Little is known about Vexs. They are pure evil. Seers can comunicate with ghosts as well as guard asainst Vexs. Amma is a Seer. Black Eyes are the eyes incubuses have.
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