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Sober Monitor Training

No description

Diana Caicedo

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of Sober Monitor Training

Sober Monitor Training
How many standard drinks of beer are in a red solo cup?
Would you call 911 on behalf of someone who passed out from alcohol use?
Would you cut someone off if they had too much to drink?
Would you want someone to call 911 if you had passed out from drinking?
Wolverine Wellness
University Health Services

A) 1
B) 1.25
C) 1.33
D) 1.5
E) 1.66
A) Very Likely

B) Likely

C) Unlikely

D) Very Unlikely
Would you want others to cut you off if you had too much to drink?
A) Very Likely

B) Likely

C) Unlikely

D) Very Unlikely
A) Very Likely

B) Likely

C) Unlikely

D) Very Unlikely
A) Very Likely

B) Likely

C) Unlikely

D) Very Unlikely
What do you like about parties at your house?
Risky Alcohol Use
Large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time (drinking games, chugging, etc.)
Drinking and using other drugs
Drinking with intention to get very intoxicated

What is "A Drink"?
Not passing out
Person is functioning, but does not remember all or parts of the evening
People are accountable for behavior whether they remember it or not
Almost impossible to know if someone is in a blackout

Rapid ingestion of alcohol
Lack of food
Factors that Increase
Likelihood of Blackout:
If you have tolerance to alcohol, your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) will be lower than someone without tolerance.
Requiring more to get the desired effect
Tolerance ≠ BAC
Say you are out partying: good friends, good times and a 12-pack of beer. You go to bed intoxicated with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .20. Remember, alcohol leaves the blood stream at .015 percent per hours. So how long will it be before your are actually “okay”?
" I got drunk last night and I feel okay now! "
But are you, really?
The only thing that can lower BAC is TIME!
What are some tips for safer drinking?
Alcohol Poisoning
Occurs when someone drinks too much alcohol too fast, or mixes alcohol with other drugs.

Alcohol is a and shuts down the central nervous system.

or semi consciousness
– 8 breaths or less a minute or lapses in breathing for more than 8 seconds
Cold, clammy
to the touch
Skin discoloration
especially around lips and fingertips
Does not respond
to being talked to or shouted, pinched, prodded, or poked
Cannot stand up
Will not wake up
Rapid pulse rate

Recognize the
Bystander Intervention
Most problems happen in group settings

Friends/peers are usually in a better position to do something

Often people don’t act because of the diffusion of responsibility or wanting to fit in and conform to group norms

People DO choose to act when they feel confident that they know what to do and assume personal responsibility

You will be in a situation in which you can help in the future

Medical Amnesty
"A minor will be exempt from prosecution if, after consuming alcohol, he/she
voluntarily presents him/herself
initiates contact
with law enforcement or medical services for the purposes of obtaining medical assistance for a
legitimate health care concern
Removes perceived barriers to seeking help.
Emergency Response Protocol
If you suspect alcohol poisoning:

Call 911
Do not leave the person alone
Place the person on his/her side to prevent choking on vomit

use cold water or caffeine to attempt to wake a person up

force food or exercise on a heavily intoxicated person
Dealing with the Police
If the police arrive at an event:
Be polite and courteous
Be sober
Have your President, VP, or Risk Manager talk to them if one of them is sober

The police understand and respect our policies
But are still required to enforce the law and noise complaints

Don't start off on the wrong foot
Officers are typically assigned to the same neighborhoods throughout the year
Alcohol and Sexual Assault
Preventing sexual assault is living out your fraternity's creed and core values
Preventing assault is protecting others and your chapter
What if it were my sister?
Direct/Distract/Delegate - Bystander intervention options
Who Are You?
Risk Management:
Common Law Negligence
Expected to act as a reasonable person would act under the circumstances to protect others from harm

Negligence is a failure to do so and is a breach of a legal duty owed to others

Burden of proof in a civil case is low and could result in monetary damages
Michigan's Alcohol Laws
Legal drinking age: 21
Minor in Possession - MIP
It is illegal to furnish alcohol to someone who is intoxicated
It is illegal to serve alcohol or to charge a fee for admission to an event where alcohol is provided without a liquor license
It is illegal to consume alcohol on public property, including public streets and sidewalks
Risk Management - SEMP
What is the SEMP?
"The Social Environment Management Policy aims to provide the safest possible social atmosphere for the members of the Greek community and their guests, while allowing attendees to exercise the personal responsibility expected of students at the University of Michigan."
Social Responsibility
Every member (including you) is responsible for upholding these policies

These policies help:
Diminish liability
Increase safety
Provide a healthy social life for Michigan Greek Life
Restricted Events
A Restricted Event is any event that meets all of these:
Takes place in chapter property
Allows the consumption of alcohol
25 or more women present

All Restricted Events must be registered
All Restricted Events are inspected by

Social Responsibility Committee (SRC)
Will come twice
Must be allowed to enter immediately
Can check any part of the chapter property
Will ask to see photo identification (MCard or state-issued drivers’ license) from all Sober Monitors

No admission to the event
BYOA Check (Bar) must stop
Do not argue with them
Checkers do not decide sanctions

SRC Inspection
SRC will:
Check the guest list
Talk to the Social Liaisons
Randomly check guests’ IDs
Check the BYOA Check (Bar) area
Check bathrooms
Check all areas were people are present (including individuals’ rooms)
Duties as Sober Monitors
Wear the orange sober monitor shirts
Must be completely sober (BAC .00)
Safety is your main concern
Identify risky behavior and stop it
Work with Social Liaisons (Sorority Sober Sisters)

Limits liability

Minor in Attendance
No one under the age of 17 may be present in an area where alcohol is furnished without a parent or guardian

The Importance of ID Checking
Only 1 entrance/exit
Control event size by limiting admission
Refuse entry to anyone who is intoxicated
Check IDs of all guests against the guest list
Guest list can be updated during the event
Can be government issued forms of ID, MCard, and/or Greek ID

Ensure that alcohol brought to the event meets the SEMP standards

Alcohol size limits:
Twelve (12) (12 ounce) cans of beer
One (1) plastic bottle of wine (max. 1 liter)
One (1) box of wine with a screw-top cap (max. 1 liter)
One (1) 4-pack of plastic mini-bottles of wine
One (1) plastic pint of alcohol (max 80 proof)

No kegs, handles, fifths, pony kegs, cases, glass bottles, trash cans, punch bowls, pitchers, glasses, etc.

BYO Alcohol Check
Dispose of unattended cups/beverages
If necessary, remove guests violating SEMP rules
Routinely check bathrooms and isolated house locations
Ensure intoxicated guests are not served more alcohol and, if necessary, help them

A guest at your party has had a few drinks. He is talking to a small group of people and begins spilling his drink without noticing. Do you…

Conflict Management
To calm a potentially disruptive guest:

Gauge the level of your response to the persons' behavior
Make clear statements, speak directly and to the point
Use the first person "I" (I am sorry I cannot let you on the roof...)
Be non-judgmental and non-threatening
Give a reason for your actions
Conflict Management
Please take out your phones!
Text "SOBER First and Last Name - Chapter" to 37607
Sober Monitor Text Check-In System
Text "UMSOBER Name Chapter" to 37607
Once you text in, you will receive an auto response confirming that the message was sent, along with a link that they should open and review
You can only register on the day of the event
All text messages should be sent by 10 PM on the date of the event
How many standard drinks of beer are in a red solo cup?
Would you call 911 on behalf of someone who passed out from alcohol use?
Would you cut someone off if they had too much to drink?
Would you want someone to call 911 if you had passed out from drinking?
A) 1
B) 1.25
C) 1.33
D) 1.5
E) 1.66
A) Very Likely

B) Likely

C) Unlikely

D) Very Unlikely
Would you want others to cut you off if you had too much to drink?
A) Very Likely

B) Likely

C) Unlikely

D) Very Unlikely
A) Very Likely

B) Likely

C) Unlikely

D) Very Unlikely
A) Very Likely

B) Likely

C) Unlikely

D) Very Unlikely
Things that complicate or escalate conflict:

Antagonizing, humiliating, and embarrassing a guest in front of others
Threatening a guest
Physically restraining a guest
Please answer honestly:
nhibitions - talkative, relaxed, hyper friendly
udgment - telling off color jokes, foul language, hooking up, etc.
eactions - glassy unfocused eyes, slurred speech, talking and moving slowly, spilling things
oordination - stumbling, swaying

- I Just Really Care

Levels of Intoxication Identification
Behavioral cues: Notice – Calibrate response to level

When SRC is Present:
3 Main Positions
1) Entrance
2) BYO Alcohol Check
3) Roaming
You’re working the door when a large group of sorority girls walks up. Because they’re your pregame partners, you know almost all of the girls that are there. Most of them have Greek IDs, driver’s licenses, or MCards, but there is one girl that doesn’t. This girl has been to your house countless times and you know that she’s in the sorority, but you know that if SRC catches her inside without an ID, your fraternity will be put on Social Probation. What do you do?

You’re working the bar at your first mixer when you notice that one of the older brothers is stumbling around happily and occasionally spilling his drink a little bit. He has a reputation for being an angry drunk and somewhat creepy around girls. How do you respond?

You’re standing by the stairs making sure that no one goes up when an older brother comes over with a group of four girls and tells you that he’s just going to go up to his room with them for a second. What do you do?
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