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MLK Unit

Integrated Unit for Fourth Grade

Cheryl Bitting

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of MLK Unit

Science Social Studies Language Arts Mathematics Music Physical Education Art Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Why Martin Luther King, Jr.? Martin Luther King, Jr. is the only African American honored with a national holiday He is mentioned in classrooms every year during the time of his birthday and during Black History Month Martin Luther King, Jr. is an important person in US History Fourth Grade Integrated Unit What should students know as a result of this unit? Martin Luther King was important to NC Jim Crow laws
Greensboro sit-ins
Separate but Equal
Voting Rights Martin Luther King had a dream and students have dreams also What is Martin Luther King's role in US history? He didn’t free the slaves. That was done 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

Martin Luther King fought for Civil Rights from 1955 to 1968.

Martin Luther King was one of America’s great orators.

“I Have a Dream” has been called one of the greatest speeches of all times.

He was not the first African American President. Barack Obama was the first African American elected President in the US in 2008.
What students should be able to do as a result of this unit? know do Outcomes easy difficult reflections I would change ... How I will use this experience in future teaching ... What was easy?
There are a lot of books, media, and resources about Martin Luther King, Jr.
What was difficult?
The Fourth Grade Standard Course of Study for North Carolina is very limited especially in Social Studies and Science. It took a lot of creativity to link Martin Luther King, Jr. to this grade level’s curriculum.
How will I use this experience in future teaching?
This lesson gave me a lot of experience with the Standard Course of Study. It also made me more proficient at turning ideas into lesson plans.
What would I change if I had to do it again?
I would have studied the Standard Course of Study before I picked a topic or would have matched the topic to another grade.
Sample Lesson Plan Cheryl P. Bitting essential??? Why do we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.? Was Martin Luther King's work relevant to citizens of North Carolina? How does Martin Luther King fit into US history? Is “Separate But Equal” okay? Do you have a dream for your future? What ideals are worth fighting for? diversity technology diffferentiation This unit covers an African American hero.

It looks at the Civil Rights Movement through more than one racial perspective.
YouTube videos
TeacherTube videos
audio recordings
calculators. Scaffolding
Assessment based on learning levels
Audiotaped instructions
Graphic organizers
Group work
Graphic Organizer Recognize an Appositive
Write a friendly letter
Summarize by drawing a comic strip
Recognize keywords
Create their own "I have a dream, too" speech Know basic information about Jim Crow Laws
Create a timeline Calculate mean, median, mode, and range
Solve problems using Division
Make calculations using a Timeline
Calculate monetary change using the "Marching for Change" Interactive Bulletin Board
Create and interpret Bar graphs Learn about Lightning Safety Learn the proper form for an overhead baseball throw
Play Base Runner game Learn and Sing Freedom Songs
Listen and analyze songs about Martin Luther King Determine what is photographic art
Illustrate a booklet
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