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Using a CMS

Steffan Thomas

on 25 April 2012

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Transcript of Sain

What's in the CMS Why do we need a CMS What does the CMS do for us? What doesn't the CMS do for us? What should it do for us? What will we change next time Important things to think about when designing the CMS Data CD titles
Bar codes
itunes links
Stock level
Website links
Genres Keeping the data in one place The CMS does store all of our data
It gives us one place to update the website
It links many database together There are many errors in our CMS
The data for Sain Records are mixed with the Na-Nog shop
Its hard to use
Over populated with data
Very slow to upload
You still need to load information into mulitpule locations within the CMS It should be simple to use
It should store everything in one place within the CMS
The data structure should be easy to read
We should be able to control what we want and what we want to show
We may also need to make future changes Creative control will remain with Sain
We won't have Na-Nog's data in with ours
We will decide what we need to store in the CMS
It will be a lot more user friendly Who needs to use it?
What is it for
How often will it need updating
Can the users manage it after the developers have gone
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