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Alberta's Foothill's Region

No description

Joel Gitzel

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Alberta's Foothill's Region

The average elevation in the foothills is about 1800 meters tall. Foothills has grassy hills. Animal Life bodies of water Natural Resources In the winter there are Chinooks. Chinooks can cause, slushy snow,Flooded basments and puddles .In the summer there are rainstorms,thunder storms and winds.This is a fun place to visit! Animals have adaptations, or special features to help them survive in their natural environment vegetation At the north Saskatchewan river you
can do lot's of stuff like water skiing,
canoeing,kayaking,jet skiing,fishing,
tubing and more. Alberta's
Region landforms the upper foothills Brazeau Dam!!! Brazeau dam is a lake in the Foothills region! Did you know that I think that brazeau dam is called Brazeau dam because there are actually dams in the water to control the water flows! The upper Foothills are covered in forests of coniferous trees. There are also lots of lodgepine, spruce and fir trees. Did you know that blue grama and other grasses dominate the area. There are also tumbleweeds there ! There is actually less trees than you think and it's also hard to find a lot of trees outside of the river valley. Alberta has many different natural resources Natural resources can be renewable or non-renewable. Renewable resources are regrown or replaced. This is the climate in the Foothills. Climate Natural resources are a very important need in everybody"s life. Natural resources we use in are every day life are. -gas for our cars
-oil for motors
-coal to put in our fires to
keep us warm Here are four of the comman animals in the foothills. elk You should come to the foothills in the winter so you can ski,sled and snowboard its really fun. The landforms in foothills has many many trees these are some pictures of the bazeau dam burowing owl beaver bear like...fur for warmth, camoflage color for good senses for danger . and
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