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jessan cabayao

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of ARCHITECTURE

consist of several wedge-shaped blocks of stone called voussoirs held together by a key stone. It serves to support other structures such as roofs and to be symbolic gateway.
Kinds of Architectural

Post and Lintel
consist of a horizontal beam called lintel and two vertical posts to support it. It is usually found in doors and entrances.
Architecture is the art and science of designing and constructing buildings, bridges, and other structures to satisfy individual and communal needs.
similar to the post and lintel, the cantilever hs two vertical posts for support and a horizontal beam with one end more extended than the other
a large hemispherical roof or ceiling that looks like an inverted cup. It is an extension of the principle of the arch capable of enclosing a wide area.
is an arch structure of masonry usually forming a roof or ceiling.
consist of a braced framework of beams or bars forming one or more triangle
Local Architects
Arguelles, Carlos D.
Alli, Armando Dominador N.
Antonio, Pablo S.
Concio, Cesar H.
De Guzman Arellano Juan M.
Jan 25, 1902 - June 14, 1975
Born April 25, 1888
The Executive House/
National Museum
Manila Metropolitan
Manila Post Office
Gutierrez, Gregorio
Locsin, Leandro
August 15, 1928-November 15, 1994
Cultural Center of the
Church of the Holy Sacrifice
in the UP Diliman
Antipolo Church
Philippine International
Convention Center
Luis, Lira
Mangio, Nestor S.
- an internationally famous architect.
Manosa, Francisco
San Miguel Corporation Building
Manosa, Jose
Manila Polo Club
Life Theater
Ideal Theater
Redemptorist Church
UP Protestant Chapel
Philamlife Building
Philippines National Bank
Far Eastern University
Sta. Cruz Church
Mapua, Tomas
Born December 21, 1888
Philippine General Hospital
Nakpil, Juan F.
Quiapo Church
Jose Rizal's House
Rizal Theather
Major Project
Geronimo de los Reyer Building
Magsaysay Building
Manila Jockey Club
Philippine Village Hotel
SSS Building Q.C
San Miguel Pro-Cathedral
Iglesia ni Cristo in
San Juan
Ocampo Fernando
Antipolo Catheral
Manila Cathedral
Palacio, Genaro O.
San Sebastian Church
Santos,Jr., Ildefonso P.
"Father of Landscape Architecture"
Paco Park
Loyola Memorial Park
Tagaytay Highlands
Rizal Park Manila
Santos-Viola, Carlos A.
Toledo, Antonio
Legistative Building
Manila City Hall
Aalto, Alvar
Vlipuri Library
Helsinki University of Technology
Baker House
Helsinki House of Cultural
Boehm, Gottfried
Zublin Office
Zublin Office
Town Hall in Bensberg
Deutsche Bank
Public Library in Ulm
All in Germany
Gropius, Walter
Bauhaus in Dessau
Harvard Graduate Center in Cambridge
Loos, Adolf
An Austrian architect. Most important pioneer of the modern in architecture.
Maki, Fumihiko
Villa Stross
Hillside Terrace
Tokyo Church of Christ
National Museum of Modern Art
All in Japan
Horner House
Steiner House
Scheu House
Roche, Kevin
Fine Arts Center of
University of Massachusetts
Oakland Museum in Califonia
Ford Foundation Building
in NYC
Knights of Columbus
National Aquarium in
Rossi, Aldo
Asaba Design Studio
in Tokyo
Cabary Wharf Office
Complex in London
Palazzo del Cinema
City Center in
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Disney Office Complex and Celebration
Saarinen, Eliel
Lahti Town Hall in Finland
Saint Paul's Church, Tartu
First Christian Church in
Christ Church Lutheran
Fenton Community
Scarpa, Carlos
Veritti House in Udine
Galleria degli Uffizi
Balboni House
Palazzo Ca'Foscari
Residential Complex
Netherlands and Centro Galiziano
Tange, Kenzo
Peace Memorial Park
in Hiroshima
Kagawa Prefectural Government
Building in Takamatsu
St. Mary's Cathedral in Tokyo
Nanyang Technological
Wright, Frank Lloyd
Kauffman House In Bear Run
Guggenheim Museum
Johnson Wax Building
Unity Church Oak Park, Illinois
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