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Duffy's Jacket- Plot Diagram

No description

Sarah W

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Duffy's Jacket- Plot Diagram

Duffy's Jacket- Plot Diagram Exposition Resoulution The setting is a cabin in the woods, during October. The characters are Andrew, Duffy, Marie, Mom, Aunt Elise, and Sentinel. The situation is a family trip that the kids were not very excited about going on. •The family arrives at the messy cabin and cleans it up.
•Andrew finds “Beware of the Sentinel” on the wall. Andrew’s mom thinks he is trying to mess the family trip up and yells at him.
•Andrew thinks someone is following them on their walk in the woods and Duffy loses his jacket.
•The moms leave to go to the store; while they are gone, the sentinel tries to get into the house.
•The kids run away from the Sentinel and they realize he is using Duffy’s jacket to track them. Rising Action Sentinel opens the door to the bedroom that the kids are hiding in and raises his arm. Climax Sentinel says,” You forgot your jacket, stupid!” Falling Action Duffy remembers his things without reminders from anyone. Theme
Be responsible with what you own or there may be consequences. Conflict
The External conflict is Duffy vs. Sentinel. It is when the Sentinel is chasing the kids. In addition, there is an internal conflict, which is Duffy vs. forgetfulness. It was when Duffy had to be reminded of everything, which got him chased by the Sentinel. Opinion Piece
I selected this story because it was funny and it did not end as I thought it would. I don’t have any changes for the author. The one question I have for the author was why did you write this/ what gave you the inspiration. Duffy's Jacket
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