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1. How are satellites made? What are satellites made of? 2. how does it work? 3.how do satellites improve society and the world? how can satellites harm the world?

elaina johnson

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of Satellites

Space: Satellites
Types Natural like the moon, dirt, and dust or manmade like the Voyager manmade satellites, consists of: communications antennae, radio recievers & transmitters to communticate with the command centers on Earth. command antennae, solar cells, batteries, rocket fuel, main rocket motor, rocket thrusters, & a camera. WHAT DO THEY DO?? satellites gather information about weather: so we would be able to track whats coming our way! sends back signals so our cellphones work, and also tracks oceans, rivers, streams, highways, & roads for GPS! they can do this by orbits called POLAR & GEOSTATIONARY orbits. POLAR ORBITS- reaches 700 to 800 kilometers with a orbital period of 98 to 102 minutes. http://ww2010.atmos.uiuc.edu/(Gh)/guides/rs/sat/poes/home.rxml GEOSTATIONARY ORBITS- a circular orbit in the Earths equilateral plane, any point on which revolves about the Earth in tha same direction & the same period as the Earth's rotation. many people have been studying the effects of manmade satellites. they say that this piece od technology can cause cancet by..... CELL PHONES ! also, a satellite being launched into outerspace can do damage to the ozone layer by the fuel produced in the rocket. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING ! :D satellites can be useful to our world because it helps relay information from one point to another.
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