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Copy of My Mind Prezi Template

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anas abdelbary

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of Copy of My Mind Prezi Template


That's Right.
Addiction is a disease.
November 14, 2013

Who are the Zewail City friends ?
Team Vision
A new generation of Egyptian youth prepare believes in the importance of science and technology and transmit optimism in the Egyptian street .
Team Message
Support a society based on scientific research .
Team Values
Faith in the idea of team .
Company .
Disclaimer .
Serious .
Integration .
Appreciation .
Separation between personal relationships and team .
Team main goals
Support Zewail City of Science and Technology .
The dissemination of science various fields .
Support creators and inventors and young children .
Community Development intellectually, scientifically and culturally .
Support the idea of voluntary work and it hurt our children .
Contribute to some charity work .
Specific objectives
Support Zewail City of Science and Technology .
The dissemination of science through the work of scientific and cultural seminars and lectures .
Support creators, through the work of the Science and Technology Exhibition .
The development of society through its development intellectually announcement of periodic workshops .
Support the idea of voluntary work through the intense work of free courses .
Contributing to charity .
Team achievements
First Achievement
The team collects donations and the work of a visit 57357 Hospital where he arrived the amount of money the team collecting the hospital and six thousand and seventy Egyptian pounds
The team participating in the research endowment Conference and Festival Hall in third place flag ceremonies at the University of Beni-Suef in the presence of the governor of Beni-Suef adviser Magdi Alptety and professors from scientific research
The team job interviews and a workshop to bring new members to the team
The team work activity at the Faculty of Computer and Information for the definition of friends Zewail City and worked Workshop them
The team work Activity science revolution to spread the culture of the fundamentals of scientific research and scientific thinking
Visit Zewail City accompanied the students to familiarize them with the city and the available devices and doctors City
The team make an event at Faculty of Science to define of Zewail city and it's friends and worked and sprayed them work .
The team work visit to the institution of orphans in the orphan Day
We then snap the first major bombing in Upper Egypt, where you are today
About the Initiative ( Sciences ) :
It is an initiative by the Association of Friends of Zewail City of Science and Technology aims to prepare a new generation of young researchers and spreading the culture of scientific research .
The goal of the initiative :
The project aims to disseminate Tagafh and establishing the principles of scientific research, and help trainees from the ability to follow the foundations of scientific research while working on their ideas .
Develop the skills and capabilities of trainees by providing lectures on the development of skills which are linked to scientific research, such as: Marketing - Effective presentation skills - critical thinking - Motivation and self-confidence .
Introductory Lectures new science that both engineering such as: renewable energy - recycling - such as medical or Robotics: Stem cells - tumors and cancer.
Display models for student researchers have produced scientific research or established companies based on scientific grounds
As companies operating in the recycling of waste or in solar and other kinds.
Project content
Lectures Scientific Research :
Ethics of Scientific Research .
basics and skills of scientific research.
Scientific thinking and scientific methods of presentation skills.
how to write and read a paper - how to write a scientific article.
How to publish a paper in a scientific journal.
How to get funding for research projects.
How to get scholarships.
Lectures skills development and self-development :
A lecture at self-motivation
Lecture critical thinking and creative
A lecture at the effective presentation skills
Lecture in time management
lectures introductory in New science :
Lecture in solar energy and their use.
Lecture in biogas.
Lecture in the recycling of all kinds.
Lecture in the science Ropetks.
Lecture in the stem cell.
Lecture in oncology and cancer.
Lectures in Entrepreneurship:
Lectures of the founders of Companies List of science-based companies, such as solar energy, Ropetks, biogas, recycling waste.
Lectures from medical research centers, such as a research center in stem cells, a research center in nanotechnology Technology, a research center in oncology and cancer.
Initial tests of the project
"Knowledge revolution"
Western province
454 students have been trained through the initiative of science revolution western province "Faculty of Medicine - University of Tanta" and the initiative was launched on February 1 of the year 2414.
The initiative throughout the week they contain lectures on scientific research and lectures in human development.
The ceremony was attended inaugural captain of the initiative Gharbia doctors and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and director of projects Center and Cancer Research Center of Excellence and vice captain doctors Western province.
Western Province
Trained 450 students in Science Initiative Bank, "the central runway - Medical Complex" province, and the initiative was launched on 11 August of the year 2414
initiative lasted a full week containing lectures in scientific research and the development of skills and introductory lectures the new science
initiative included scientific play the first of its kind in the Arab world are talking about the conflict between ignorance and knowledge from father Naharda theater group called "brain ache"
inaugural ceremony was attended by Director of the Project Center and Center of Excellence in Cancer Research, Dr. Mohamed Labib Salem and Dr. Hashish, Faculty of Medicine and Dr. Abdul Aziz Bassiouni Professor Dr visitor at the Universities of Cairo and Ain Shams and the President of the Association of Friends of Zewail City
Alexandria Governorate
Trained 114 students in Science initiative Alexandria Governorate
initiative has three stages where she was as follows:
- First stage: included training on scientific research in theory and in practice and was two weeks of training for
- second stage: included for participants to work on their research and ideas in accordance with the first phase and was for 3 weeks
- third stage: Ttam participants included by scientific research and presented to a committee of specialists in scientific research and different scientific departments on
Monofia province
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