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Diamond Theme Park

Project Management Proposal about constructing a new theme park by using Work Breakdown Stucture

Tian Sen Koh

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Diamond Theme Park

Diamond Theme Park,
Mclaren Vale
Project Manager

*Ensure and Guiding the Management team always in the right scope

*Ensuring to Reach Project Objectives
HR & Marketing Manager
By:Tian Sen,Koh
By: LyHong Heng
*Communicate with Construction Companies
*Recruit Architects and Engineers

Risk & Management Manager
By: Carmen
*Supervising the process of construction
*allocate insurance premiums.
*Identify and quantify the organization’s exposures to accidental loss.
Finance & Budget Manager
*Providing and interpreting financial information
*Analyzing competitors and market trends
*producing accurate financial reports to specific deadlines;
*managing budgets

By:Nadia Lawita
Project Constructing A New Theme Park
Scopes & Goals
Become most famous theme park
in Southern Hemisphere
Largest and Most visited
Theme park in Australia
Best theme park in the eyes of visitors
employees and stakeholders.
Creating an atmosphere of
fun and excitement for
our stakeholders
Establish as a well-manage
and profitable company
Become most well-known theme park
in Australia
Most visited and largest
theme park in Southern
Best theme park in the eyes of
our visitors, employees and
Creating an atmosphere
of fun and excitement for
Become a well
manage and
profitable company
Main Risks
Accidents during construction phase
Injuries of Employees
Bad Weather
Delay in Pre-construction Stage

Financial Mismanagement
Power Supply
Quality of Materials
Problems May Solve
Accidents During Construction Phase
Injuries of Employees

By Safety and Secure Sessions
Qualities of Materials
Delay in Pre-Construction Stage
By Tracking Every Single Movement when Process in on Going
Electrical Power Supply
Try to get a Back-up plans such as:
Electric Generators
Signing Contract with Shipping Companies
Cannot Be Reduce
Bad Weather
Diamond Theme Park will be the biggest theme park in Southern Hemisphere. After Six years, it is going to be the most visited (more than 3 million visitors every year) among various of theme parks in Australia.
Diamond theme park project is amortized over less than 6 years.
Decreasing the effect of the building process
Providing the most attractive rides for the tourists
decreasing the rate of pollutions (noise and air)
Concerning about the landscape which near to the location of construction
Resources Sheet
2.5 Million tourists annually
1 million adults
1.35 million children
0.15 million group
Pay Off
Total Expenses= 1.5 Billion
Estimate Income=500million /year
Operating Expenses=160 million/year

Amortized after approx. 5 years
Work Breakdown Structure
Gantt Chart:Milestones
Resources Sheet and Budget
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